Mass Effect: Andromeda

E3 officially starts tomorrow but Electronic Arts have released an exciting new Mass Effect Andromeda video at their conference yesterday.

The video gives a glimpse of a few familiar species including a Krogan, a Salarian and a close up of an Asari with impressively detailed facial motion. While Bioware have been tight-lipped about the story, the video implies that humanity will be leaving the Milky Way and travelling to Andromeda to find a new home which suggests that the game may be set some time in the future from the previous Mass Effect games.

Bioware have hinted at a more open world experience than the previous games, promising “an unprecedented level of freedom”. They have revealed that the game will be developed on the Frostbite engine, the same engine used for Star Wars Battlefront. If they deliver on the promise of the video, we can expect a visually stunning game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due to be released in early 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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