Mass Effect: Andromeda Fixes!

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Fixes!

Let me first say that I have been enjoying Mass Effect: Andromeda immensely. I thought people were overreacting at all the glitches and bugs, but apparently I just play really slowly. It wasn’t until I was about 25 hours in that I came across a bug that actually annoyed me.

Fortunately, a new patch will be hitting Mass Effect: Andromeda in the next couple of days! Bioware recently released the patch notes and their plans for further fixes in the near future, which you can read here.

Here’s what’s happening in Patch 1.05:

The ability to skip the galaxy map cinematics
Every time you fly from one planet to the next or even to a different system, a beautiful 5-8 second cinematic will play, showcasing the grandeur of the planet and space. These were really pretty to look at … for the first fifty times. After that it ended up discouraging scanning all the planets. Or at least, it discouraged me, a completionist. To help make the experience a little more enjoyable, I set aside a time and turned on my K-Pop Spotify playlist and jammed to crazy tunes as I flew around the beautiful galaxy. But, good. This was needed.


Travelling to each planet and system was undoubtedly pretty, but after while quite tedious.

Inventory space is being expanded

I have never had a problem with my inventory. I sell all my salvage and I’m good. I sell all the weapons and armour I don’t use and I’m good. But, apparently this was a slight problem. If you ever had trouble with your inventory space, well, tada! Now you don’t have to worry so much.

Human and Asari eyes are being improved
The eyes are the window to soul, and apparently the souls of humans and asari are pretty cold and empty. Though this has been another thing I wasn’t entirely bothered with, I can’t complain about nicer eyes. So long as they’re nicer and not scarier.
Decreasing the cost of remnant keys and making them more accessible at merchants

Remnant keys are used to skip the sudoku puzzles at monoliths. These puzzles are always a highlight of my planetary exploration, so I’ve never used one. While I find it hard not to judge someone for skipping such a fun puzzle, it’s nice to know that that part of the community was listened to.

Improved localised lip sync
I’m under the impression that this is going to be more for other languages rather than just the English version.

Fixing Ryder’s movement while running in a zig zag
Haha, yay!
Fixing bugs where VO or music would play or would play incorrectly
Okay, this. This one I had problems with. I’ve had entire conversations with non-existent characters. I’ve discovered it’s hard to sympathise with someone when you can’t listen to them.


There are other things happening in the patch such as better balancing for multiplayer and matchmaking. The full patch notes can be read here.

Future fixes are going to be things like more options and variety in the character creator, ongoing fixes to animations, and male romance options for Scott Ryder. There are also going to be fixes to logic and relationship arcs, which is exciting.

Bugs and glitches aside I have been really enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda. Anyone else playing excited for these? Or if you’ve been putting Andromeda off because of all the bugs, do these fixes make you think about getting it?


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