Mary and the Witch’s Flower

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Mary and the Witch’s Flower was such a beautiful movie.  The music, animation and characters were near perfect. Have you seen the enchanting previews shared on social media? If you like the feel of it, you’re going to love the movie.
Mary is an insecure and clumsy child who moved to live at her auntie’s home. Her great-aunt lives in a beautiful mansion surrounded by gardens and forests. Her adventure begins when she stumbles upon a rare flower that blooms only once every 7 years. She takes it home (of course) and things unfold from there.
I am not sure what it was about Mary but I felt she was a very relatable character. I think all kids go through insecurities. Whether it is the lack of ability doing something or it’s physical appearance – Mary encountered both.  She hated her fluffy red hair and she breaks  everything she touches. She tries helping people out but ended up being a burden. Her loneliness, insecurities and dignity urged her adventure as she desperately tries to prove herself.
The main characters, both antagonists and protagonists, were very enjoyable to watch. I am an animal lover and there were a lot of animals in this movie. I also enjoyed their role in the story. The wizards and witches, except for the main ones were just background characters but it didn’t really bother me. They all had a role to play and I thought they were portrayed really well (even the supporting characters).
The animation was fantastic.  Hiromasa Yonebayashi, animator on Studio Ghibli masterpieces, is so highly talented. I had high expectations and boy were they met.  The animation was consistent for all elements in the movie – the backgrounds were beautifully painted, the animals and mythical creatures moved really well and the human characters all stood out individually.
The music in this movie was really well done. It suited the movie from beginning to end. It created the right mood for suspense, action and mystery. I thought I would mind the movie
being English dubbed (yes, I am one of those people who stay away from anything but subbed) but I surprisingly loved it. I thought all the voice actor selections were perfect.
There are themes of witchcraft and wizardry so if you’re sensitive about those kinds of things, I advise to stay away. It kind of reminded me a little bit of Harry Potter (just a tad) but way lighter.
It gets a bit dark sometimes but it was not off-putting. It is still enjoyable even in the darker parts of the movie.
I recommend this movie if you are a fan of Studio Gibhli. It has a similar feel to it but it is different enough for it to stand on its own. Good job, Studio Ponoc! I enjoyed every aspect of Mary and the Witch’s Flower. If you were having second guesses on whether you should see this movie, stop – go see it.




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