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In eye-bleeding colours and unrelenting song that will either have you really annoyed or singing along, LocoRoco Remastered is now on PS4!

So what is a “LocoRoco”? It’s a round jelly-like creature that has the ability to roll, jump and split or merge itself. Apparently it also really cares for the planet and that’s why it needs to traverse through over 40 different lands collecting things and eating fruit. No, I didn’t really understand that either. But that’s okay because the story isn’t really that important to enjoy this 2D platformer. Man, did I mention that that this game is in 4K? It looks super-sharp, which is great because the game looks so insanely colourful and cute.

The controls are simple. I think there may have been a total of 4 button controls for tilting the landscape, jumping, splitting and merging, depending on the kind of environment that you need to get through. That’s about it. I’m thankful for this because although it feels like a kids’ game, some of the dexterity needed can be quite hard. It’s still fun though and I’m not embarrassed to admit that there were a few parts where my LocoRoco was sliding around the screen and I may have said the word “whee” involuntarily. Along the way, your LocoRoco grows by eating peach-like things and it can also bounce on dangerous dreadlocked creatures called “mojas” to kill them.

The frog level has to be my favourite, where you just feel like you’re sliding down some large creature’s throat. Also, another huge plus is that the songs from level to level vary quite a bit so even if you think its pretty repetitive, don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to it for the rest of the game. Or, I guess you could do what I did and just sing along (it’s not like the words are very hard).

Secret locations and certain areas that can only be unlocked if you have the right number of LocoRocos give the game more complexity as well. I like that it tells you how many LocoRocos you missed at the end of each level which makes you want to go back and try again.

You can find creatures called “MuiMuis” who will give you house parts. In the main menu, you can access your LocoRoco’s house and essentially build him a sort of playground. There are also mini games like the MuiMui Crane which allows you to get even more house parts. They’re cute distractions if you’re a kid.

But the main meat is in the levels and I’m pleased to say that there’s a good amount of gameplay in there. If you like physics-based 2D platformers, I’d say this is a pretty good one to add to your library.



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