LEGO Incredibles

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Nothing will ever beat the experience that was the first LEGO Star Wars game. That’s why, though still good, every other LEGO game succeeding it was still somehow slightly disappointing. LEGO Incredibles is the same, however I reckon it comes the closest to the glory of LEGO Star Wars.

The one thing I appreciated the most about LEGO Incredibles, was how they structured the story. All LEGO games have a hub world of some description. In LEGO Star Wars, the hub world was the Mos Eisley Cantina, where there were six doors for you to go through and begin each chapter. In LEGO Incredibles, they decided to go with an open-world feel.

Instead of a diner, it’s all of Municiberg, the city the Parrs live in. It’s a biiiig hub world. No longer do you start a chapter by simply strolling through a door. Instead you’re walking, running, driving, flying, skating your way to the next mission in the bit of the city where it’s set. For example, Elastigirl needs to go to the TV studio, so you take up the elasticycle and bike your way from the Parr’s trendy new house to the TV studio in the city. The journey in between chapters becomes a part of the story, and that’s super cool!

Travelling to the next level in STYLE!

LEGO Incredibles has and uses the beautiful opportunity to have maaany characters with different types of abilities and fight styles! There are so many unique superheroes! Mr. Incredible is strong but slow, Elastigirl is quick and can glide, Dash is even faster and is sometimes a little hard to control, Frozone skates around throwing ice everywhere, and Jack-Jack is a fricken beast! (pun intended).

You don’t want to mess with this guy

It’s known that LEGO games are some of the best drop-in drop-out co-op games of all time. They’re also the game you most likely have to share with your incompetent baby sibling. In this case, my advice is to give them Vi Parr. She can turn invisible and sneak attack enemies (who are a lot harder than I remember LEGO enemies to be), and she can create a forcefield that is impervious to all damage! (Except falling off the map – that can’t be helped). The best part is she can stay in her little bubble forever and knock enemies over so your kid brother/sister can be both helpful and not die all of time. Amazing!

Being in your own bubble doesn’t mean there isn’t room for teamwork, though!

Speaking of co-op, the last few LEGO games had “dynamic splitscreen” in which the screen would only split if you walked away from your partner. It would then spin wildly around depending on which direction you go, probably causing motion sickness in the process. LEGO Incredibles has done away with this in favour of the classic straight down the middle split. At first I was disappointed. But as my brother and I traversed the massive hub city that is Municiberg, I suddenly appreciated the change.

Having a constant, consistent splitscreen allowed for both players to do their own thing while being miles apart. If a player triggers one of many side quests that litter Municiberg, the other player will be given a prompt to join. Even if they are on the opposite side of town, they could either be magically transported there or can continue minding their own business! THE BEAUTY OF PLAYING THE SAME GAME AT THE SAME TIME BUT NOT NECESSARILY TOGETHER. The end of sibling squabbles is nigh! Ah, LEGO Incredibles, you have delivered a masterpiece.

Having said that, there are certainly things that are frustrating. First of all, it took millenia for the fricken game install. And your kids would have graduated from uni by the time the next level finishes loading. Why am I still sitting here? All I want to do is plaaaaaaaaay?!

At least it’s interesting to look at?

Now, just a head’s up: the game begins with Incredibles 2 and spoils the whole damn movie if you haven’t seen it yet. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! After you’ve finished that you then move on to the first Incredibles movie. You might think this is weird, but all the hype around Incredibles at the moment is for the new movie. Having to unlock the game by going through a story you’ve known well for 14 years would be tragic.

Obviously, the game expects you to know the movie

As I find with all LEGO games, I began to tire of the incessant need to destroy absolutely everything. The puzzles became a bit repetitive – and in some cases, literally repeated themselves. I solved the exact same puzzle multiple times in different parts of the game, which was disappointing! And the second half of the game (featuring The Incredibles) didn’t have the same pull as the Incredibles 2 section.

But I will confidently say that if you’re into LEGO games and have a sibling, partner, child or friend to play with, you will not regret your purchase. There’s great opportunity for teamwork and cooperation during the story part of the game! And you can always split up in Municiberg when you need a break from each other. LEGO totally has this co-op game thing down!



  • Story is integrated really well into the open hub world


  • Loading screens for daaaaays


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