The Last Guardian has a release date at last!


The Last Guardian has a release date at last!

At the Sony E3 conference yesterday they at last announced a release date for The Last Guardian, the long awaited action/puzzle adventure game about a boy and his creature, and it’s coming this year! The game is due to be released on PlayStation 4 on October 25th, 2016.

Originally announced under the working title Project Trico way back in 2007 and intended for the PlayStation 3, the game has been plagued by development delays. In part this was due to designer Fumito Ueda’s lofty vision for the game. It’s a visually beautiful and demanding game and the PlayStation 3’s hardware wasn’t powerful enough to deliver on the promise presented in the original concept video. The game was reintroduced at E3 last year for the PlayStation 4 but did not have an official release date until yesterday.

In The Last Guardian you play a boy who has been kidnapped and is fighting to escape from a ruinous castle. During your escape you’ll befriend Trico, a large, feathered creature with fox like features. Unlike many game sidekicks, Ueda has revealed that Trico will behave like a real animal with it’s own autonomy, instincts and desires. Rather than directing the animal’s behaviour, you will have to guide it to do what you want, for example by throwing barrels to draw it’s attention. Sony promises an “emotional and harrowing journey” and if Ueda’s previous games – Ico and Shadow of the Colossus – are any indication, it won’t fail to deliver.


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