Kayoss Cosplay’s “Hey, I know that character!” Steam Summer Sale Bingo List

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These big name games have inspired numerous cosplays that you’ll have undoubtedly seen walking around your local pop culture conventions. Now’s a great time to jump on that bandwagon, with at least 50% off these popular franchises, and see what all the hype is about.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

50% off – $49.99

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is known for its incredibly constructed historical locations. Strap on your sandals because this time we’re playing in Ancient Greece. You begin the game as a mercenary on a quest for vengeance, and you fight your way up in the world, participating in large scale battles to gain new armour, weapons, ships and more to create your own Odyssey.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – Game of The Year Edition

70% off – $25.49

An incredible immersive medieval style world. Witchers are gifted individuals with superior strength and reflexes, trained to take down the monsters that infest this world. As Geralt of Rivia, you use your skills on your quest through merchant cities and uncharted wilderness, on a quest to find a child of prophecy. Worth paying the extra $5 for the GOTY edition as this gets you 50 hours more storytelling, significantly more world to explore, new sidequests, and access to a whole lot more loot.

Borderlands 2

75% off – $7.49

The classic “looter shooter” franchise, and the reason you see heaps of cosplayers walking around with lines drawn all over their faces and clothes. Play as one of four vault-hunters, each with their own special skill sets, as you explore the hostile world of Pandora. Shoot some things, grab some loot, and maybe take down a corrupt corporation while you’re at it. Get it now because Borderlands 3 is due to drop in September and that’s going to be big.

Monster Hunter: World

50% off – $52.47

This game is pretty straight forward in terms of story. You are a hunter. You hunt monsters. Use pieces harvested off vanquished monsters to create stronger and more elaborate armour and weapons. You then hunt even bigger monsters. You can play alone or online co-op. The playable world is expansive and beautifully rendered. The art design for the environment, monsters, weapons, and armour are all breath- taking. And the palico assistants are adorable.


60% off – $4.79

Trapped in the underground world of monsters, you’ve got to find your way out. Full of bizarre humour and memorable characters, which I think is primarily responsible for the cult-like following that has sprung up around this game. The simplistic pixel art style is quite endearing. Charming and quirky with a catchy soundtrack. More likely to appeal to a younger audience. The real treasure isn’t the endgame objective, it’s the stories you experience along the way.

//Photo of Kayoss Cosplay courtesy of Steamkittens//


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