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The Onion Kingdom is in danger and only the finest cooking can save it! “If we are the Onion Kingdom’s last hope, I feel like they didn’t think through their contingency plan very well,” I think as the kitchen goes up in flames. Another order for a burger comes in and my husband, the...




Doom. The word jumped out at me from the case, screaming my inevitable fate and the chances of my surviving the next hour or so. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I was told it was a horror shooter, and I hate horror games. I haven’t finished The Last of Us (another game I haven’t finished. ...



Far Cry Primal Review

The latest installment in the Far Cry series does a bit of a jump. Instead of hang gliding in Asia, getting attacked by surprisingly aggressive honey badgers, or constantly having to juice yourself up with malaria medicine, we’ve gone way back into the past to when elephants were hairier, collecting human e...



Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is an action shooter video game developed by EA DICE, with additional work from Criterion Game, and published by Electronic Arts. The game, based on the Star Wars franchise, is the third major release in the Star Wars: Battlefront sub-series, and is considered a reboot to the previous ...

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