Could do without

Guns Akimbo

If you really hate the male genitalia then this is the movie for you! Also, trolls. A cautionary tale for the online trolling. That’s what Miles would tell you. In Guns Akimbo, Daniel Radcliffe plays a wimpy game developer who likes dabbling in online trolling. But one day, he trolled the wrong… Troll. And ...



The Invisible Man

I’m a ‘The Invisible Man’ noob! I haven’t read the book and I haven’t seen the original film series. Maybe I’m like you… or maybe your cursor is already moving up to the top right of your screen to silence my noob words and opinions. If that’s the case, thank ...


Experience this

Why you should already own Parasite on DVD or Blu-ray.

I just watched Parasite. My mind is blown. You know when there’s a movie out that everyone is raving about and it wins awards and people are like OMG on social media…and you still haven’t seen it. Then you’re hesitant to watch it because it’s been way too hyped and surely it ca...


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Joker – Ashton’s Favourite movie OF ALL TIME

Over 10 years ago, a movie was released that redefined cinema to me. Christopher Nolan took my favourite superhero and my favourite supervillain and created one of the most thrilling, exciting, well acted and endearing cinematic films of my life. Nolan took the characters from the pages of a comic book and ...


Flippin' great

I Am Mother

I just watched this movie on Netflix – have you seen it!? I… Just frekn wow! I Am Mother is set in an underground base that has thousands of human fetuses stored and one robot. Should the worst happen to humanity the robot is purposed to repopulate the human species. We join the story as the Mot...



Dark Crimes

In my late teens I was introduced to one of Jim Carrey’s first movies – Copper Mountain. This one hour long nightmare of a comedy/music film is a complete disaster and is one of those “so bad it’s good” movies we used to watch and quote over a few beers. Think The Room but without the cult succe...



Glass on Blu-Ray

There it is, Glass by M.Night Shyamalan. I actually missed it the first time around and I really loved Unbreakable and Split. Two movies that turned out to be a trilogy with Glass by M.Night Shmarmilon. What a movie by the prince of movie twists! I really loved Signs and The Sixth Sense. I’m really happy fo...


I'm smiling

The Curse of the Weeping Woman AKA The Curse of La Llorona

Saskia – I’m not good with horror films. Me attending this with you, Ashton, started out as a joke. A joke that turned into a little Ashton’s dream. A dream that  I couldn’t bear to shatter. I must say, though, I had a great time! Ashton – Everything in my life starts out as a joke. But as Saski...


Flippin' great


In 2017, writer/director Jordan Peele blew audiences away with his cleverly written social commentary horror movie, Get Out. I was late to the viewing party on this one and although I loved it I had sadly gotten caught up in the hype around it so it was never going to exceed my ridiculous expectations. Howe...




What people say about Mandy : “Mandy is F***ing nuts “Finally a good Nicholas Cage movie “The most insane Nic Cage movie ever made What I say about Mandy : “What? Look, I didn’t like Mandy okay. Yes, I know that heaps of film buffs, critics, reviewers and 2018 Top Ten Youtube lists liked it. Yes, I was supe...



The Girl in the Spider’s Web

“After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels…”. A fitting quote to open my review of Fede Alvarez’s The Girl in the Spider’s Web. In one of the opening scenes of this action/thriller/drama from the director of the brilliantly violent Evil Dead r...


Could do without

The Predator

Director Shane Black has upset people before. Many fans strongly disliked his addition to the Iron Man franchise with claims that the film’s interpretation of The Mandarin butchered one of the most feared villains from the comics. I personally found Iron Man 3 to be pretty enjoyable – sure it wa...

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