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Ad Astra

Brad Pitt’s face is certainly a highlight of Ad Astra and possibly the only reason I went to see it. After watching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood I remembered he existed and needed to see more. Luckily, Ad Astra provides a lot of Brad Pitt. A lot of Brad Pitt and not muuuuuch else. That’s probab...



Time Freak

We all know when you get that dreaded “We need to talk” text message, it’s not good. Nine times out of ten it’s usually bad news… or it’s over. You’d be wishing for the “can you come to my office?” equivalent from your boss instead. When you’re on the verge of losing the love of your life, like ...


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I Am Mother

I just watched this movie on Netflix – have you seen it!? I… Just frekn wow! I Am Mother is set in an underground base that has thousands of human fetuses stored and one robot. Should the worst happen to humanity the robot is purposed to repopulate the human species. We join the story as the Mot...


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MIB: International

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 20 years since Men In Black was first released in 1997. I remember seeing it at the movies with my Daddy and enjoying the mix of humour, sci-fi, alien battles and of course the brilliant mix of Will Smith (back when he was cool) alongside the dry performance of Tommy Lee ...



X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It’s about time we had something about Jean Grey. After the slew of Logan-centric movies, as much as I enjoyed them all, I’m ready to focus on a different character. Dark Phoenix is set a few years after Apocalypse. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), now sporting his trademark hairstyle, has finally...


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Godzilla II: King of Monsters

The Godzilla mythos has been around in Japanese cinema since it first came out in 1954. Building up a huge fan base made up of both Japanese and Western audiences, the 35 Godzilla films have seen popularity continue to grow right through into the modern cinema era. Godzilla II: King of Monsters (also known ...


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Avengers: Endgame

I just saw Avengers: Endgame. What just happened. My brain hurts. Too much awesome-ness and too many emotions and too great and  much grood and wowowowowow. I wanted to write this review as soon as I got home. Fast and fresh. Give the people the low down on the much-anticipated film. I don’t think I c...


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Captain Marvel

I’m not a huge Superhero movie fan. I enjoy watching them, for the most part, but generally I can take them or leave them. Steph who came to watch Captain Marvel with me, just doesn’t really watch them at all. However, we were both very excited to see a female taking on the role of one of the mo...


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Happy Death Day 2U

Ashton – I actually thought this movie started pretty strongly. Following a minor character from the original film, on the same day that it all went down. It immediately established a decent tone (comedy over horror) and I was pretty intrigued about it all. Sadly that was about it for me. A small leve...



Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is a visual marvel. Famously 20 years in the making and the product of writer/producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez, Alita is based on the graphic novel series Gunnm by Yokito Kishiro. When something has been “in the making” for a long period of time it usually goes one of...


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Ghost in the Shell – Double Features

If you liked the 2017 Scarlet Johansson-led live action adaptation, or anything futuristic and cyberpunk in general, then there’s a good chance you may enjoy the original Ghost in the Shell anime movie and its sequel Innocence just as much, or more. Understandably, there will always be those who would prefe...


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Ant-Man and The Wasp – Get it for the Marvel geek in your life

I didn’t actually get to see Ant-Man and the Wasp at the cinema, so I was very excited to get my hands on a 4K copy to review! For a run-down of what we thought of the movie itself, head here! I (like our reviewer Ben) absolutely loved the movie and Ant-Man is also my favourite Marvel super-hero…...

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