Waste of time

Hellboy (2019)

You know, I got the fears just as I was driving to watch this. It just suddenly dawned on me. I absolutely love the original Hellboy movies, so how could this one possibly compete? What am I doing?! It can’t be made better, can it? But then maybe it’ll be on par, yes maybe. You can’t stuff a movie like this...


Flippin' great

Brigsby Bear & Nick’s hot dating tips

Of all the reviews I’ve written this one will be one of the hardest. Because I’ve gotta be subtle and light. I’ve gotta run parallel to the subject, to highlight yet not reveal. Because I loved it. I loved Brigsby Bear 9 out of 10. That’s all you really need to know. You can just stop reading now and just g...


I'm smiling

The Mummy

I was excited for two brand names, The Mummy and Tom Cruise, so how could I miss this one on the big screen. A movie with a head start into my good books is rare for me. I really enjoyed the fun adventure of the first one. It was funny and the effects were amazing for the day. The perfect, big stupid movie ...

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