Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (spoiler-free review)

Here I sit, eating mini Lindt Easter eggs and trying to figure out where The Secrets of Dumbledore went wrong. If you’ve read my previous reviews of The Fantastic Beasts films, you’ll know that I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and actually gave The Crimes of Grindelwald a higher rating than the...


I'm smiling

The Bad Guys

It has been so long since I have reviewed anything! In fact, I just checked and my last review was in November 2020. So this might be one heck of a rusty review, please forgive me in advance. My eldest daughter, April, is finally old enough to come along to family movies with me and give her perspective on ...


Flippin' great

The Batman

I know what everyone wants to know, so I’m going to start with it.  “Is Robert Pattinson a good Batman?” I am happy to respond to this with a resounding and overwhelmingly confident “HELL YES.” In fact, I would go a step further. I would argue that Pattinson is the best live action Batman to date. Although,...



Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I have a problem. I’m not sure I can fix it. Can I write a reliable review in this state?! How long has it been? How much am I looking forward to this? Sitting with a friend to watch a movie, in the cinema…! Getting a popcorn and a drink, finding my seat. Hearing the excited chatter of everyone else w...



The Suicide Squad

Oh DC, what a rocky road you have had, trying to get out of the large shadow cast by Marvel Studios. It has always seemed so odd to me that despite how great the DC characters are between the pages, in the animated shows and the video games, the leap to blockbuster cinema has been a struggling journey of mi...


Flippin' great

In The Heights

Fans of the musical Hamilton, take note! Lin Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights has finally made it to the big screen, and boy was it worth the wait.  For fans of Miranda like myself, it’s a treat seeing him cameo in the film – although I bet when he starred on Broadway as Usnavi, he’d never have im...



A Quiet Place Part II

Oh boy here we go, man I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long. One of the longest delayed movies because of the that nasty C word. The C-Virus. Seriously that beer needs to change its name because I hate that word. But as the tide changes, the releases of all these movies that have been held uphas fin...


Flippin' great

The Wrath of Man

Dear Mr Jason Statham You have the acting range of a cardboard box. However, before you assassinate me, which I have no doubt you could and easily get away with it too. Please know one thing, your cardboard boxness is what makes you perfect in the lead in this new film. It’s got all your favourite things Mr...



Mortal Kombat

Back, back, forward and down, down, up, I think. Those are the two moves I can remember off the top of my head. Both are for Raiden. I think I would have muscle memory for a bunch of others if I played again. That’s the original Mortal Kombat too. I had Mortal Kombat 2 on my first PC. Loved watching my frie...


Could do without


It begins with, “There’s no singing, no dancing. And definitely no happy ending.” Damn. I like all those three things. I love Oliver Twist the musical and can do an excellent rendition of Fagin’s “Be Back Soon” if no one is watching. But I was also intrigued enough to che...

Tom & Jerry

Typically found in short episodic adventures, Tom & Jerry have been given a makeover for the big screen, just in time for the school holidays. The playful pair have moved to NYC, Jerry is on the hunt for a new house and Tom is pursuing his dream to become a famous musician. But when Jerry makes himself ...



Made in Italy

I’d always wanted to see what Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie would be like in a non-comedic romantic role. Well, this wasn’t it, just in case you’re wondering. But it’s close. Bret’s body double -also known as Micheál Richardson- plays Jack, an art gallery owner. ...

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