So many games, too much to do!

I remember when Skyrim came out. It was massive and beautiful and basically the next level in open world gaming. Fallout was popular, and Dragon Age II had just come out as well. But there weren’t many other games with the same scale and beauty of Skyrim. It could take a whole hour in real time to travel fr...



Far Cry Primal Review

The latest installment in the Far Cry series does a bit of a jump. Instead of hang gliding in Asia, getting attacked by surprisingly aggressive honey badgers, or constantly having to juice yourself up with malaria medicine, we’ve gone way back into the past to when elephants were hairier, collecting human e...


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Stardew Valley Review

I walked onto the land my grandfather had left for me. A derelict farm covered in weeds and rock and fallen trees. “It needs a bit of doing up,” the mayor said as he showed me into the dilapidated house, “But I’m sure you can make it work.” This has to be a joke, I thought. But I had...



Firewatch Review

QUICK SYNOPSIS You’re a white guy with a beard who has run away from his relationship problems and taken up a job as a fire lookout. The only person you have any real contact with is another lookout called Delilah whom you only talk to via a radio. Then things start to get a bit weird. SNAP REVIEW Excellent...

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