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Independence Day: Resurgence

It’s been 20 years since the original Independence Day hit the big screen and I still remember the impact it had on audiences, solidifying Will Smith’s future as an action hero with his iconic “Welcome to Earth” line as he sucker punched an alien right in its extraterrestrial face. I re-watched the original...



Warcraft: The Beginning

In terms of games, Blizzard has racked up major success in titles such as Warcraft 3, the World of Warcraft and perhaps even in Valve’s departure from Warcraft’s custom map in DotA 2. But how does it fare on the silver screen? I have to admit that I was little afraid to find out even as Blizzard...


Flippin' great

Captain America: Civil War

I was not very excited to see Captain America: Civil War. I had almost convinced myself that I was over the superhero blockbuster thing. That it was just going to be another stream of action with a few one liners thrown in here and there. It’s not that I was totally wrong, it’s just that I was also far from...



Allegiant Review

Either Allegiant was a pretty average movie or I’m just getting tired of Dystopian future teen fiction (honestly never thought I would even consider that). It had all the right elements – strong female lead, bad guys, good guys, futuristic technology, romance, tough decisions, action… and yet it failed to g...


Flippin' great

Ant Man

Amazing PR strategy and Paul Rudd aside, I tried very hard to keep my expectations for Ant Man low. It was like when you’re 7 and you’ve hinted and begged for that particular Barbie caravan with the fold down BBQ in the back and you’re 98% sure your parents are getting it for you, but you don’t want to star...


I'm smiling

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Don’t shoot me, but I love Ben Affleck. He will always have a special place in my heart as Bartleby in ‘Dogma’ (the first R16 movie I was allowed to own). While the rest of the world seemed to be doubting and hating on the casting choice for Batman, I was quietly cheering him on. As more promotional content...

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