Hocus Pocus Book Tutorial

How to make a spellbook using an old biscuit tin, paper-mache clay and other bits!


Take an old biscuit tin to start. The deeper the tin, the thicker your book will be.
Cut some cardboard or plastic board slightly larger than the tin so that it resembles a book cover.


Make two folds to create the spine of the book. Cover the other three sides of the tin with a strong paper to resemble the pages of the book. Cover the cardboard with cotton fabric to help the paper-mâché stick. Glue the tin onto the inside of the book cover with a hot glue gun. Make two holes in the tin on the side where the book spine will go and secure the cover to the tin with a cable tie.


You can draw lines on the paper to resemble old pages


Draw where the stitching will go as a guideline and start using your paper-mâché clay to create human skin. Cover one side and let dry before you start on the other side of the book.


Add small pieces of string to resemble stitching.


Now create your decorations to be glued onto the book. I used a polymer clay that you bake for the snakes and deco art for the book latch.


Now spray or paint the accessories.


Now glue down the snakes where you want to place them. And add your eye etc. I used a small polystyrene ball with a sticker for this.


I used a very small hinge and screws to secure the book’s lock.
Start painting your book. Don’t soak the papier-mâché too much with the paint, as it is toilet paper and will absorb the moisture.
The red acrylic paint I watered down with strong black tea to give the effect of old blood.


When the paper-mâché is completely dry, give the book two coats of clear varnish to seal the paper-mâché.

Line your tin and glue the fabric into place. Cut some thin, strong cardboard or a plastic sheet to the size of the tin. This will be the same size as a page, and cut a square hole. Cover this with some more cotton fabric.


You can glue some extra pages into the front of the book to cover the hole and to disguise it.


Makes a very good place to keep things.


Print off some spells and glue them in for effect


And you’re done!



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