Hideo Kojima releases a new trailer for Death Stranding!

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Hideo Kojima releases a new trailer for Death Stranding!
It was a long awaited moment as Hideo Kojima took the stage at the 2016 Game Awards and received his trophy. He brought along an “early gift for the holidays”, a new trailer for his, until now only teased Playstation 4 game, Death Stranding.

The trailer shows a man in a sharp looking suit (played by Guillermo del Toro) nervously making his way through a seemingly desolate and hostile environment. He wears a pin on his suit labelled “Bridges – United Cities of America” and with a spider web pattern starting in Washington DC and spreading across the states. A deep scar runs across his forehead and he clutches something close to him protectively. Fear crosses his face as planes fly overhead, expelling trails of long, black ropes. He hides under a bridge as a grotesque tank covered in body parts rolls over it. Skeletal soldiers march after it.


The man’s face exposes his despair as a black, oily substance oozes between his feet. He plugs in the container he was carrying and it lights up, revealing a lively baby inside. Perhaps it’s an artificial womb or some kind of biohazard protection chamber? His gaze drops to the floor and we see a toy of a baby floating in the ooze, a cross carved into it’s belly and an ebony vine wrapped around its leg. The cross mirrors a scar that Norman Reedus’ character has in the first trailer. We see the baby open one eye and close the other in a slow wink. Resolute, the man faces towards the cave under the bridge as if he has summoned, or perhaps been given, the will power to enter it.


The perspective changes as we follow the baby doll, floating into the cave and emanating an eery red aura. Four skeletal soldiers step out of the darkness in WWII garb. They frame a human looking soldier in modern military gear (actor Mads Mikkelson) who is tethered to them with dark black vines. He seems to be their master. He removes his helmet and we see his face, the oily substance dripping from his eyes. He untethers the soldiers and directs them forward, his tentacles unfurling from them with sparking red ends like live wires. The baby doll floats toward him and hits against his leg, displaying the same slow wink that we previously saw on the face of the real baby. Is this a sign that the baby is controlling the doll in a kind of macabre, reverse voodoo doll? The soldier looks straight at the camera with a cruel gaze, the oil gone from his face.


This latest trailer gives us a few more hints as to the story and suggests it’s set in a dark and terrifying world. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what it all means!


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