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Ashton – I actually thought this movie started pretty strongly. Following a minor character from the original film, on the same day that it all went down. It immediately established a decent tone (comedy over horror) and I was pretty intrigued about it all.

Sadly that was about it for me. A small level of intrigue at the beginning.

Saskia – Sorry to be a turd, but it was ACTUALLY the day after it all went down. I pretty much agree with Ashton regarding the movie’s first scenes, though.. I had literally finished watching Happy Death Day about 30 minutes before going into Happy Death Day 2U and was delighted as the movie kicked off with the focus shifted to Phi Vu’s character, Ryan Phan, and his experience of the final scene from the first movie. Having just witnessed the final scene, it felt like a very organic progression of the plot. But as Ashton has already mentioned…this feeling didn’t last long at all.

Ashton – The first twist didn’t make sense.

Saskia – It didn’t make sense AND was never referred to again. I still feel annoyed about it.

Ashton – Yeah what the hell?! It’s like the writer thought of something cool but couldn’t justify a way to make it work then left it in anyway. Following that, this sequel attempted to justify the purpose of the first film (which didn’t need a purpose or reasoning – that’s what made it so amazing in the first place) by making some weird 80s science project the cause, with some pseudo science around the space time continuum.

Saskia – This was such a bizarre choice. Although it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The first movie had moments of absurdness that ended up working for it. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work for it this time.

Ashton – We are then forced to sit through some of the most horrendous glamorising of suicide I have ever seen (because drinking bleach is hilarious amirite?!).

Saskia – Yea…I’m uncomfortable even talking about this. I can’t get on board with suicide being made into a joke. It doesn’t even make any sense in the context of what the character is trying to achieve.

Ashton – I’m a comedian and I think anything can be joked about as long as the result isn’t just being offensive and “edgy” for the sake of it. Sadly this was awful and unjustifiable in my opinion. Fortunately this movie did have a saving grace in it’s lead actress Jessica Roth who reprises her role of Tree. She is hilarious, grounded, bizarre, and extremely believable regardless of how bad the script gets (and shit me it gets bad). She is too good for this movie.

Saskia – I think, rather than straight up just being too good for the movie, she’s what makes this movie watch-able. She is the only reason there are little nuggets of gold buried in the cow pat this movie ends up feeling like. I still think it’s worth getting your hand right down into that cow pat just for the nuggets. Also, maybe you missed this Ashton, but Israel Broussard, as Carter Davis, is a delight. His character is kind of sickeningly perfect (well maybe not in both dimensions), but he still manages to steal every scene. Or maybe that’s just me… HAHAHAHA *blush*.

Ashton – Look obviously he’s sexy *blush I’m human ok* – I didn’t overlook that. But I found him more forgettable in this, whereas I liked him much more in the first film. Which to me is more the scripts fault than the actors. By the halfway point the script was lost in it’s own space time continuum. It was clear that the writer/director didn’t have a firm grasp on what type of movie they were trying to make. One moment ridiculous comedy and then completely out of left field we get a jarringly wedged in scene about the grief process and over dramatised dialogue and slow motion shots set to epic opera music. Was this a teen Nickelodeon film? A comedy? A drama? Whatever it was I wanted it to end so badly before it ruined my memory of the first film any more than it already had.

Saskia – Now you’re just being dramatic. I thought the frustrating nonsensicalness of the movie just added to the charm. It was just ridiculous enough that I could enjoy laughing cruelly at it (to demonstrate my superior sense-of-humour), without rage quitting. It’s probably best to just pretend they’re two separate movies. One made for the Nickelodeon channel (like Ashton said) and one for people who like good movies.


Saskia – Haha it was extra funny because it actually wasn’t a choice. She could have had both. I think what they were actually trying to get at was – could she live someone else’s life just to be with her Mum (she has no memories of the life she lived in the alternate dimension – she basically wiped the consciousness of that dimension’s version of her, so feels like an imposter). Or has dealing with her Mum’s death made her who she now is. I think it was more a choice between fake-feeling, easier life or real – but harder life.

AshtonHappy Death Day is brilliant because it hits the perfect tone between comedy and horror and never gets caught up pretending to be something it’s not.

Happy Death Day 2U failed at almost every turn because the writer/director has literally no idea what kind of film they are making. Add to that a serious lack of horror scenes and incredibly poor pacing and you get one of the worst sequels I have seen in recent memory. Like – remember that scene where a character got shot in the hospital and they were like “we need to get you help” and there was no-one around to help….in a hospital. Like…that’s where shot people go. Why was this hospital empty? Pay some mother flipping extras so it doesn’t look like a film set for goodness saaaaaaake. IT’S LAUGHABLE BUT NOT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Saskia – Yea, it’s definitely not a horror anymore – by any standard. But be fair, Ashton. Maybe there are no doctors in the second dimension!? SUCK ON THAT LOGIC! Maybe they were trying to make a hilariously terrible sequel!? Then they get top marks <3

Ashton – AND THE FRENCH BLIND SCENE?! WHY? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING IN ANY MOVIE LET ALONE THIS ONE. It felt like something that Amanda Bynes did in the 90s, or something Frankie Muniz did in the 90s or ….it was just bad. I hated it. (Disclaimer: Amanda Bynes is life).

Saskia – I think by that point I was just in shock. I think my eyes had glazed over and I was just staring at the screen with a vaguely confused expression fixed on my face. She did a pretty good bad french accent though <3

Ashton – Stop drawing hearts Saskia. It won’t make this alright. It was terrible. Just terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Boo. Hiss. End.  <3

Saskia – <3 <3 Worth having some drinks and watching with a lot of friends. The more the better. The more conflicting opinions – the better the experience will be. I for one thoroughly enjoyed seeing the movie with you, Ashton. Your outrage and disgust made the whole thing a memorable time. 10/10 would see again, with Ashton.

Ashton – if what you take from this is that watching bad movies with me is enjoyable then I’m ok with that. I rate the company 10/10, however, the movie was not a HAPPY death day at all. (Get it? Clever aye.)

Saskia – It’s settled. 10/10 for Happy Death Day 2U



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