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There it is, Glass by M.Night Shyamalan. I actually missed it the first time around and I really loved Unbreakable and Split. Two movies that turned out to be a trilogy with Glass by M.Night Shmarmilon. What a movie by the prince of movie twists!

I really loved Signs and The Sixth Sense. I’m really happy for him that he has these under his belt. But boy did poor old M.Night Shmemamalemon pass through the valley of the stinky movies. I also really liked the first half The Village. Just the first half.

But he’s back, baby! Mr Shhhmarmadillion is reaching for the stars again with Glass. The final outing of his real-world type of super heroes and villains. Glass kicks off with all our main characters captured. Locked up. Placed in a very special prison with custom built cells just for them. They are here to be reprogrammed into believing that they don’t actually have super powers. But they are just really gifted individuals whose natural abilities have tempted them into believing this, hero self-delusion.

So let the dance begin. Who’s tricking who? Who has the upper hand? But one dance eclipses the rest. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you, after watching Split. Bruce Willis’s ‘David Dunn’ was never a flashy character. He’s just some everyday schmo. So doing what he does in a cell was never going to be that interesting. He’s just waiting for the climax of the movie.

Sam Jackson’s ‘Elijah Price’ IS an interesting character. But in this movie, he’s waiting too. He’s doing a Sarah Conner, biding his time, lulling them in. M.Night has written those two characters into a corner for this movie. Well, lucky for you Mr Shamilerbuff, you have James McAvoy. Wooo! Mr McAvoy may be a basket full of M.Nights Shmarliferber’s eggs, but he’s looking after them real well. It’s a character that’s interesting in any situation. But he has to be.

There is a price paid, now that I look back at the film and see how much James McAvoy was leaned upon. In Split, the character changes of ‘Kevin Wendell Crumb’ are done off screen. In Glass he’s moving constantly through his split personalities. In a way, it’s distracting to watch Mr. McAvoy do it so well! But also, it’s not as creepy as it was in Split, where he would walk out of the room and come back as a completely different character in a different costume. The ‘Beast’ makes quite a few appearances in Glass which is always cool. I love the ‘Beast’.

People didn’t like the ending. I didn’t mind it. It’s a Shmamarmiladyian movie. Did you think it was going to end in a normal movie way? Nah, I didn’t mind it, I thought it was fine. If you’ve seen Unbreakable and Split it’s a good movie. 7 out of 10.

The Blu-ray has a few extras. I was amazed to hear how long the first cut was. M.Night had to cut…a lot…out of the movie. He tells us so in an interview in the deleted scenes section. He talks about how painful that process is and I can relate as I’m personally going though that process with my own movie. With the amount of material he had to cut, there is a surprisingly small amount in the deleted scenes. Maybe if you saw what was cut you would be like “hey Shmileymillion why would you even shoot that, that’s dumb.” Which would then explain why it’s not in the deleted scene section. Mystery solved.

There are a few interviews with the cast but they are mostly small advertorial. There is nothing to be learnt with those. I’ve also seen this with other movie extras. They are just director-pandering puff pieces. Whoever makes behind-the-scenes extras are so desperate to please the one in charge. I often get cult vibes from them. The actors do it too; it gets a little sickening. It’s a peek into the Hollywood echo chamber of turn-based mutual flagellation that you often only get to see during award shows. No, there is another reservoir: Behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews. Anyway. You’ve gone and got me off topic here. Ahh. Probably the best interview is between McAvoy and Shmarmalingion.

M.Night does try to do things and approach stories differently. Which he touches on and I appreciate. He’s not afraid to take the risks and he’s got the terrible, terrible movies to prove it. But…maybe that’s what it takes to make some really good ones..

James McAvoy is the best part of the Glass extras as it’s all about his performance, really. He talks us though just how hard it was to transition between extremely different personalities. It’s just so impressive. I won’t go into it too much, as it’s what makes seeing Glass worthwhile in the first place.

The few other highlights were when he talked about the location. What an amazing find. It was actually an old mental health medical facility! And one of the main scenes in the movie was in a big hall painted Bubble Gum Pink. I thought at the time ‘that’s a fun choice for the scene I wonder how they came up with that?!’ But that was the original colour of that room. Which was I think a meet-and-greet room for patients and family.

Another interesting section was talking about the score and audio effects. To get the feel just right they recorded and rerecorded everything on location in the halls and rooms of that facility, which really pays off I think. I love that type of commitment to the craft and commitment to us, the viewers. To give us a truly immersive experience!

So, a Score for the Extras? 6 Shmartmalrleons out of 10

– Nick Holder




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