Fornite Battle Royale

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The first thing to say is that I don’t like cartoon type games. I’ve never been a fan of games like Overwatch, etc, I just cant get into them. However, I am a fan of FPS and play a lot of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), and when I saw this I thought, hey, this looks like it might be a go. So, I downloaded it.

My first impressions were that it looks good and it played smoothly, even on my “not so flash” gaming rig. Jumping into a flying bus and being able to alternate between freefalling and using a glider (did they get this from worlds adrift? Hmm…) was pretty cool. However, one I landed the confusion set in.

The confusion was a bit like the first time I played CS:GO, I didn’t know really how to get a weapon, or what was best, or why I couldn’t free look (because it doesn’t exist, DOH!). At least in PUBG you land with nothing (in F:BR you have a giant pick which is good for smashing stuff but apparently not people?) and so you know you have to find stuff, and the stuff you find is fairly obvious, pistol, shotgun, sub machinegun (SMG), Automatic Rifle (AR), or sniper, and all the attachments are fairly clearly labelled or obvious. In Fortnite none of this is true. There also does not seem to be any tutorial or guide, and there is A LOT of stuff. Resources, weapons, ammo, building plans, crafting and so on. Fortnite is, effectively, a tower defense game and perhaps my problem was treating it too much like PUBG. Tower defense games have never been my strong suite.

One of the biggest criticisms so far is that people can get themselves to the end of the game and build defences which are pretty hard for anyone to break down, which I don’t think makes anyone (except the winner) happy. I think though, if you like such games as Overwatch, but don’t want to be tortured in PUBG, you might find it enjoyable. The games are faster, over in a shorter period (I found 10 mins, as opposed to 30 in PUBG). Will it replace PUBG? Nah. PUBG is brutal, hard, realistic and stressful;  winning that chicken dinner is like winning the lottery – that’s what makes it special. Fortnite is like the mac’n’cheese, to PUBG’s Sunday Roast, it doesn’t take itself seriously, and if you have the time to figure it out, you will probably have a bit of a laugh.

Geoff Gummer


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