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Fireworks – Should we see it from the side or the bottom? Is a slice of life anime with a twist of sci fi and romance. The story revolves around 1 day in summer. A group of boys plan to watch fireworks from a small town’s lighthouse and make a bet if they are flat or round (from the side). During the day, a girl (Nazuna) asks a boy who has had a massive crush on her (Norimichi) to run away together. As the day repeats itself, various outcomes of the day affects the reality of those involve.
This movie is a brain-teasing anime with jaw dropping art.  I gasped several times during the first few minutes because of the beautifully rendered animation. There was some CGI that I thought was a bit rough, but overall, I thought it was beautifully drawn.  The ball (or whatever it was) was so gorgeous that I had to tell myself to blink every time it came on (stared a bit too hard). The characters were well differentiated – even their skin tones were various shades of flesh colour. Being the focal point of the movie, the fireworks were mesmerizingly beautiful.
I thought they could’ve done more with the character development. The slow pace at the start of the movie (even though I was hypnotized by the art) annoyed me. I wanted to know more about the characters. Why were they behaving the way that they did? What motivated them to do the things that they did? Also, I thought some of the characters were redundant. They weren’t needed for the plot, so why include them?
The soundtrack and voice acting were as beautiful as the art.  I thought they did a great job and it well suited the movie. The music added to the emotion and feel of the film. The voice acting for all characters were on point.
If you like movies which stimulate your imagination, then Fireworks would be for you.  The plot for me had potential but I am not a fan of the open-ended finish. (Or was it just an abrupt finish?) The movie left me questioning what happened and how things happened.  Hence my sister and I came up with various theories afterwards. (Still don’t have a conclusion, by the way). I also found various plot holes that I’m craving explanations for.
Fireworks made me think – a lot. The sense of confusion and the “non- finish” of this movie annoyed me. But in saying that, I really enjoyed the animation (exclude CGI), voice acting and the soundtrack.




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