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You’re a white guy with a beard who has run away from his relationship problems and taken up a job as a fire lookout. The only person you have any real contact with is another lookout called Delilah whom you only talk to via a radio. Then things start to get a bit weird.

Excellent story, I nearly cried once, was super engaged and didn’t want to leave. A bit quick, but it’s more story than most games. Well worth your money.

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Someone once called this genre of game a “walking simulator.” While most games challenge your ability to shoot things and figure out obscure logic puzzles which, when you really think about it, aren’t actually logical, Firewatch, and many games like it, enable you to hone your walking skills and see how good you are at picking things up and looking at them.


That’s not to say it’s a bad thing. In fact, I found it nice and refreshing. I could take a stroll in a beautifully crafted world with stark colours and amazing views.


This is a purely story driven game but you get to interact enough with the world and make small decisions that alter your conversation with Delilah, your one and only friend out in the wilderness, which makes the game wonderfully replayable.


I was surprised by the amount of swearing, but then this game was made by the same guys who brought you The Walking Dead video games (the really good ones) so, my fault for being surprised. But what I wasn’t surprised about was that they have yet again given us a good game!

It holds a nice balance between a serene and tense atmosphere, letting you freak out over the smallest things like people-shaped trees. It’s not a horror game, nor would I go quite as far as calling it a thriller, however if a good walking simulator with an excellent story, interactivity and beautiful graphics is what you’re into, I highly recommend Firewatch.

Unfortunately for you Xbox players, there are currently no plans for an Xbox One release. But it is available for PC and the PS4.

Steam – NZ$23.99
PS Store – NZ$31.95




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