Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

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JAZ: As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see this film.

DI: OMG. Yuss. I remember that moment. We looked at each other and I think both of us said, “I wanna watch this.” It was that beautiful.

JAZ: Even if you’re a Fast and Furious virgin, you don’t have to rely on Youtube videos and long-winded explanations from your friends to get the movie. I easily jumped into the action with the vague idea that Hobbs and Shaw don’t get along. The intro to the film literally sets their relationship up like a wrestling match.

DI: Yeah. I mean why are these two guys in charge of saving the world? A deadly virus is on the loose and those in charge throw two sworn enemies together and tell them to sort it out? But…yes, as you roll your eyes at this, this scenario sets up some undeniably great moments.

JAZ: This is definitely a film where you have to suspend your disbelief to enjoy it properly. But the dumb was so fun that I willingly did so. I loved it when Hobbs and Shaw argued, I loved it when cars did impossible things, I loved it when someone said “We’ve hacked the mainframes.” Yes, it’s dumb. But that’s what makes it fun.

DI: So. Jaz. I have to ask. Team Hobbs or Team Shaw?

JAZ: You know what, I vote for TEAM HATTIE. You know all those action films where the woman starts out super incredibly awesome and earns her spot on the team, but once she’s there, she loses her personality and literally does nothing except cry and get captured? WELL HATTIE REMAINED A BADASS THE ENTIRE MOVIE. 

DI: Indeed. Vanessa Kirby, you have my heart. Kirby plays Hattie with such boldness that I really enjoyed all her screen time. She’s such an awesome baby sister counterpart to Deckard Shaw. The sibling chemistry is so wonderfully dysfunctional it’s like a car wreck you can’t take your eyes off. 

JAZ: Oh, yeah, cars! I think the only fault I can give this film is that there weren’t as many cars as I expected a Fast and Furious film to have. It’s like… it wasn’t quite a Fast and Furious film. Not that there wasn’t any thrilling vehicular action! Which never overstayed its welcome, either.

DI: I’m actually happy that the movie wasn’t all about racing. It just felt like a pretty great action flick – one that you could enjoy even if you don’t know your battery from your carburetor. Having said that, there were enough next-to-impossible vehicle action sequences to remind you that this is still very much F&F. I personally think Brixton’s self-driving motorbike is particularly noteworthy. I want me one of those.

JAZ: Oh yeah, sheesh that was one fine specimen of motorbike. There’s some lovely eye-candy when the trio go to Samoa too! And I’m not just talking about the cars.

DI: Wait…what? What eye-candy are you referring to?

JAZ: Well, what else is on Samoa? Cars … and Samoans!

DI: Oh yeah. I think Cliff Curtis totally rocks those braided pigtails. By the way, how fun was it meeting Luke Hobbs’ family? 

JAZ: Super fun! It was awesome to see so many Maori and Pasifika faces on the big screen, and as powerful warriors too. 

DI: Not in the least, Mama Hobbs. <3

JAZ: The scariest and most formidable member of the Hobbs family. You don’t want to mess with her sandals.

DI: *shiver* 

JAZ: But yeah, despite the occasional bad line and convenient storytelling, this beautiful spin off is a good time. Relax, turn your brain off, and jump straight into the passenger seat. Hobbs and Shaw will take you out for a great ride. I’d be keen to go again.

DI: For sure! This was a movie I was highly anticipating this year, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.




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