Fall Guys (AKA the Only Battle Royale We Wanna Play)

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Saskia I hadn’t heard anything about Fall Guys when an invitation to review it popped up in our inbox. I had just discovered that my computer couldn’t run the PC edition of Horizon Zero Dawn and I was looking for something, ANYTHING, to fill the void. Fall Guys was more than up to the task!

Jaz When I heard all the talk that “finally someone has made battle royale fun!” I was immediately interested. I have held the opinion that I hate battle royales. I gave Fortnite and Apex Legends a go, but these are all games that actually require you to be able to aim to be helpful, let alone win. So to me, the definition of “Battle Royale” was “misery.”

SaskiaInitially, when I realised it was a battle royale style game… I was a little disappointed. My experience of battle royale games in the past only equated to stress and frustration (yes, because I suck at them). Let me tell you that this may be the only battle royale in existence that is super fun regardless if you win or lose (even if you lose within minutes).

Look at that happy elimination screen! IT FEELS LIKE A REWARD!

Jaz – Totally! Fall Guys is fun. Full stop. You lose, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted an hour of your life only to get second place. Because you haven’t. Each episode takes roughly 15 minutes, and that’s only if you manage to make it to the final round. But each episode is different. I’ve been in an episode where there were six rounds, and I’ve seen someone win the crown in three. It’s this unpredictability that makes you feel like maybe the next episode will be your episode.

You can tell I’m really trying to stand out among the 60 with this eyesore

Saskia – Something that really added to the whole experience for me was customising my little jellybean dude! I even forked out a little $$$ to get the extra terrible butterfly wings and unicorn horn combo (I’m gross, deal with it). However, you don’t have to spend your money to have fun with customisation! You earn experience every time you play and as you level up your character, you unlock all sorts of hilarious and cute costumes and emotes.

All the goodies waiting to be unlocked!

Jaz – The mechanics are super simple. I think that’s the secret to why Fall Guys is so fun. Jump, dive and grab are the only things you can do aside from running like a cute toddler or falling off the side. There are very few times where I felt a loss or elimination was unfair, or emotionally devastating, because the episodes are super quick, and jumping straight into the next one is incredibly easy. Even if you don’t win, a game feels worth it because climbing those fame ranks is so, so satisfying.

Saskia – However, when you do win, you feel like a total BOSS. You get to watch a bunch of jellybeans get booted into oblivion while you sit smugly in your box preparing for the next round. There’s nothing better.

Jaz – Each episode consists of a variety of different levels, each as super bright as the next. Usually in the beginning of an episode, there are “race to the finish” obstacle courses where the first 40 or so move on to the next round. Then rounds where players are split into three different teams and a whole team is kicked out. And to finish off the episode, a last-man-standing round to determine who will win the crown! As of writing, there are currently 25 levels and the developers are keen to add more over time.

Saskia – I’ve played a decent number of hours at this point and there are still levels I haven’t experienced yet! There are certainly levels I have played enough to know that I’m always going to lose them within moments (I’m looking at you SLIME CLIMB). There are also levels I’m now very competent at, like See Saw, Gate Crash and The Whirlygig!

Jaz – Oh my gosh SLIME CLIMB. I’ve only ever passed that level once. But Fall Guys is really good at making me think maybe … maybe this time I’ll make it. People complain about the team games but I enjoy the randomness. Also blue team always seems to lose? RIP blue. The developers have commented on the team games saying that they add that much extra chance into the game to stop the same players from winning all the time. Which is awesome! Starting an episode of Fall Guys, I always feel like I have a chance at winning – something I never had entering Fortnite or Apex Legends.

Saskia’s proof that Blue team do, in fact, win.

Saskia – I mean… was blue team always losing because you were always on blue team? Because blue team always seemed to win when I played… 😛 Initially I didn’t enjoy the team games because I felt like I was letting other people down when I sucked. Now I just sit back and enjoy the chaos, whether I contribute anything or not!

Jaz – Hey, I won when I wasn’t on Blue Team… Moving on, whoever scored Fall Guys TOTALLY nailed the game’s vibe!! I absolutely love the music and it hypes me up every time! If I feel a bit bad after walking off the side like the blind idiot that I am, the menu’s music picks me up and encourages me to play another. Like a good friend patting me on the back and saying, “Pffft, that was HILARIOUS! You got this next one!”

Saskia – SO ACCURATE! I don’t know how I haven’t become annoyed with some of the tracks, given how many times I’ve heard them by now. You’re right, they never fail to get you amped, and weirdly, they don’t get stuck in my head after I’m done playing. So basically, the perfect amount of hype without being too repetitive.

Jaz – I kind of wish there was a friends-only mode. Currently there’s no local splitscreen, or cross-play so Saskia and I can’t play together. But the devs have mentioned maybe adding new ways to play with friends in the future.

Saskia – I have this on PC and PS4 now, we can totally play together. But I do agree, it would be SO EPIC to be able to invite up to 60 friends (not that I have that many) and battle it out together!

Jaz – Yes!! That would be awesome! It’s currently this month’s free PlayStation Plus game so get it if you can! If you, like us, hated battle royales, please please please give this one a go! It definitely brought some joy into my bubble of isolation (hah, take that covid!). Comparing this to other battle royales, this certainly earns a solid 9.

Saskia – Basically Fall Guys is epic amounts of fun and silliness. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day for any amount of time you feel like committing. It’s short, sweet and spunky. I know I’ll be returning to it again and again for years to come! It’s a 10/10 – from me!



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