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So Fairy Tail has been around long enough that most anime fans already have strong opinions towards this colossal series. There are two extreme camps, either you love it or you hate it. Personally I love it, and before recently re-watching the series on Blu-ray I would have recommend it in a heartbeat.  However now I’m a little worried and I’ve begun second guessing myself. Am I more willing than most to overlook things, or am I actually a bad person? No, I must say strong to my convictions – let me prove to that Fairy Tail is great!

Firstly, I think the concept for this anime is just pure awesomeness – In a world where magic is common and used every day, wizards are hired for all manner of requests. These magic users band together in guilds, the greatest of all being Fairy Tail!

When Lucy Heartfilia runs away from home to join the greatest guild, she meets Natsu Dragneel. A dragon slayer wizard in search of his dragon foster father Igneel, and also happens to be a part of Fairy Tail! Lucy quickly forms a team with Natsu, his flying cat companion Happy, as well as other Fairy Tail guild members: ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and magical knight Erza Scarlet.  Together they subdue criminals, battle dark guilds, and face the immortal dark wizard Zeref. I mean come on, isn’t that such a great set up!

Surely you must be on board with me so far, Fairy Tail is foundationally equipped for awesomeness. But in case that explanation was a bit convoluted, just know that at its core Fairy Tail is about magic, epic battles and friendship… yes FRIENDSHIP! Whenever a character is close to defeat, the only thing they need is an epic speech about the deep bonds they have forged in the Fairy Tail guild. Suddenly new power will arise from this grand announcement and spur them on to certain victory.

Okay… dammit I’ve begun to waiver again. Because I can certainly understand how the above statement could cause you to throw up a bit. Anime has the ability to tell incredibly deep and nuanced stories, which cause you to think about things in a new way. Fairy Tail however, does not travel this path. But you know what! Who cares, the child inside me loves it when Natsu gives an awesome speech about his guild family and then kicks some bad guy ass! It may not make me think deeply, but I am certainly entertained every time!

So Fairy Tail is not a profound series, this is partly due to the enormous number of characters (far too many to go into during this review), as well as the enormous number of filler episodes. But again – I really don’t think depth is Fairy Tail’s purpose. The characters may not be very layered or multidimensional, but they are extremely loveable. I hate it when they’re in pain and I love it when they win (even though of course they always win). Because of this I am very willing to accept the lack of character development and subtlety – I mean subtlety is not what I expect from a show where the ice wizard & the fire wizard are constantly fighting. Fire and Ice don’t mix – who knew.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t mentioned possibly the number one critique of Fairy Tail… the fan service, the mountain of FAN SERVICE! Be prepared for boobs, butts and all manner of jiggling. Now I know I must tread lightly here, or risk looking like a massive pervert. Because it really doesn’t look great if I just say it’s no big deal. However the one thing I can say is Fairy Tail isn’t biased! There’s something for everyone in this anime, as both male and female commonly expose themselves. Grey the ice wizard is known as a nudist who prefers to fight shirtless. Though I’m not going to lie, the majority of skin shown does belong to female characters. Oh, and before you ask the important bits are always hidden, now who’s the pervert huh?

A quick aside to any young boys reading this, a gentle reminder: LIFE IS NOT LIKE AN ANIME! You are not going to be able to convince your female friends to strip off and perform a swimsuit glamour show in order to get yourself out of trouble – yes this literally happens in episode 179.

So as you can see, this popular anime isn’t without its flaws and subsequently isn’t without its haters because of those short comings. But when it’s all said and done, I don’t think I’m a bad person for liking Fairy Tail – I might just be a bit basic. So if you think you can overlook its flaws, I’m sure you’ll find Fairy Tail exciting, epic and entertaining. Soak up its awesomeness as soon as you can, I say! But probably best not to mention it in front of your more hard-core anime friends.

– Josh Baty



I'm smiling

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