Erased Volume 2

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Flippin' great

Determined not to let things end the way they have, Satoru returns to 1988. With Kenya’s assistance, he puts a plan in place to save Kayo from both the killer and the abuse she faces at home, The game of cat and mouse between Satoru and the killer continues, as the killer draws ever closer…

Because I’m a time travel nerd, let me share another theory with you about time travel. Time is said to flow like a river, with the past flowing towards a fixed future. You can throw a stone into the river and watch the ripples, but the ripples will fade and the river will keep flowing towards it’s fixed point. Meaning that even if you say hi to that stranger in the past, whilst there will be an effective change in time, it won’t bloody matter because the future is fixed and can’t be changed. You could assassinate that dictator to stop a certain event from happening, but the fates of time would just replace that dictator with another so that that event can occur.

Which is how bloody ‘Erased’ feels. No matter what Satoru does it doesn’t seem to matter in the end and the killer kills Kayo and the others.

But there are other time theories that state that buy throwing the rock into the river you could create ripples so large that the river forks and a new time line is created and replaces the old…. or both time lines exist simultaneously and you remain in the changed timeline…. time travel is confusing, ok?

My point is that this volume you end up cheering for Satoru and praying that he can change the time line and save Kayo and the other two children from the killer. Gone is the 29-year-old nobody, now the 11-year-old Satoru holds lives in his hands and he’ll do anything to save them.

And I agree with Satoru, his mum is 100% a witch.

And I won’t give it away, but around the middle of this volume is a serious rage moment that had me yelling at the TV, so I hope you end up yelling at yours too, lmao.

This volume come with Episodes 7-12 with a total running time of 150mins. Comes in both Japanese with English subtitles, and English dubs. 1080p HD. Audio Commentary, Textless Opening and Closing themes (freaking love both of the opening and closing songs too), and the full Trailer Collection.



Flippin' great

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