EA Play 2019 – an overview! (minus the sport stuff)

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EA decided to do a three hour livestream instead of the shorter hour long conference as is traditional so they could take a “deep dive” into each of the six games they wanted to talk about. Here is a link to the full broadcast, but I’m going to give a quick overview below.

Read on for Star Wars and exciting Sims 4 news!!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

We got 14 minutes of gameplay! It’s about three hours into the game where Kal and his cute little droid BD1 (“Body Droid 1”) are helping free some enslaved Wookies.

Some of my highlights were Kal using his lightsaber as a torch and showing off some classic Respawn wall running. You would have also noticed an awesome new force move “between push and pull” called slow.

And if you didn’t already know, this game is totally canon. So there’s no choosing whether Kal goes to the light or dark side, him and these characters all play a specific role in the Star Wars universe. Since Respawn are then making the story they want to tell, I have high hopes that it will be good.

More to come at the Microsoft conference.

Apex Legends

A new hero is announced for season 2! Meet Natalie “Wattson” Paquette, the girl who helped create the arena (alongside her dad). She’s a defensive hero with the ability to put up electric fences.

Battlefield V

Four new maps were teased as well as a new theatre of war: Chapter 5, which will be situated in the Pacific with Japanese and American armies.

The Al-Sandan map has been reinvented for multiplayer, coming later this month. Marita a Greek map that has quite a bit of vertical gameplay and a focus on intimate infantry combat will be released in July.

Also, long time players will be happy to hear that max rank has gone from 50 to 500, and private matches will also be introduced in September.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Island Living. Yes my friends, the Sims are coming to the Pacific!

But oh my. Yes, you saw that right. MERMAIDS. Not only can you create mersims, apparently they have special powers too! Though the devs were tight lipped about what those powers might be.

The expansion also introduces a whole lot of new part time jobs you can pick up whenever you want, like fishing, lifeguarding, or you can even become a conservationist and help keep the island clean.

I may have bought an expansion and stuff pack after I watched this part of the show. But oh man, apart from the new expansion, packs are currently 40% to 50% off! How could I not?!

Fifa 20 and Madden NFL 20

*gasp* You said minus the sport stuff!

Yeah, well, there was one thing that came up that is a little exciting to me.

I’m not a big fan of sports games like these, but I absolutely loved Fifa Street, so I’m glad to see a sort of return to it in Fifa 20, if only as a game mode. Introducing VOLTA Football.

You can create your own player (male or female!) and change up their gear with shoes, shirts, tats and all that. Then hit the streets and show the world how great you are in a story mode not unlike The Journey from previous Fifa games.


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