E3 2018: Sony Conference Highlights

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Sony started things off in a nicely decorated church. After a banjo player serenaded the standing audience, a clip from the Last of Us Part II played, which started off in a similarly decorated room

The Last of Us Part II

It goes from happy, friendly times, to not-so-friendly times, back to a nice ending all in a twelve minute trailer. But don’t let the length stop you from watching it! Those twelve minutes fly by in almost in instant as you admire body language, the foliage, and the sweat on everyone’s faces! I’m genuinely impressed by how unpredictable the battlefield seems to be in this game. Look at Ellie sidle between shelves in the middle of a fight! Yes!

Beat Sabre for PSVR

I would get a PSVR for this game. I’m genuinely very happy this is coming to the PS4. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Ghost of Tsushima

Oh my goodness. This is a very beautiful game. The wind, the trees, the way people die quickly when you slash them with a sword. For Japanese fans, developer Sucker Punch have confirm that there will be Japanese audio available to switch between if you’re a sub person. Personally, I’m going to stick to the English so I can look at the gorgeous art more.


The devs behind Quantum Break have created another reality-bending game. But instead it’s a girl with a gun who can float around and stuff explodes, but not like conventional explosions. Just watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Yes, you heard right, there’s an RE2 remake coming! Need I say more?

Kingdom Hearts III

Maybe we should write a page especially dedicated to Kingdom Hearts III. Almost every briefing has said something about it. Anyway, Sony shows off a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean world, pirate ship battles (that seems to be a thing, now?) and also, exclusive to PlayStation, Kingdom Hearts II.5, Kingdom Hearts II.8 and Kingdom Hearts III will all come in one sweet package. There’s also a PS4 Pro with a Kingdom Hearts design that will be available to purchase.

Death Stranding

Naturally, there had to be something about Death Stranding! We find out Norman Reedus is a delivery boy, and he goes out traversing the wilderness, climbing mountains and walking over canyons on ladders. While things start to make a little more sense, more questions pop into your head. We also found out that he’ll be joined by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Lea Seydoux (Spectre), and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman).


We get another look at the fluid gameplay of Insomniac’s Spider-Man.  All my senses are tingling!! Look, it’s Rhino! Hey, it’s Scorpion! Ooh, it’s Vulture! (wait, there are a lot of animal people here) And Electro! And then another grunt at the end of the trailer hinting at another villain to come join the cast…


Ooh, what’s this? A little teaser of FromSoftware’s next project? Waaaait, this looks a little different from the Dark Souls series. But it still looks pretty good! As I understand it, it’s being made specifically for the PSVR.


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