E3 2017 – Sony Press Conference

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I wasn’t so hyped for the Sony Conference as I thought I would be. They were in the theatre again this year, so I thought, oh yeah, it’ll be a bit exciting. But once they started, oh my goodness! Arabic music was played live on stage and then behind the seated band a real waterfall starts to fall! Nope, not animated on screen, actual water was falling from the ceiling! They had a water printer too, so patterns were made in the middle of the waterfall!

The Big Stuff

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

This was all in preparation to present a new trailer for the upcoming Uncharted DLC. We got a look at some awesome acting, writing, animation and that good old Uncharted action. There was a glimpse of the relationship between Chloe and Nadine being a bit .. shaky. Which is what we like!

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

So, I was sort of expecting this, but not here, and not now. I yelled very loudly and got all hyped as soon as I saw Guerilla’s logo. Yes, my friends! Horizon Zero Dawn is getting an expansion! And it’s coming out THIS YEAR!! AAAAAHHHHH! On further inspection, the PlayStation Store says that it releases on December 31st. It’s technically 2017, buuuuut.

The theatre came alive with fake snow as we entered The Frozen Wilds, where a new secret Aloy is anxious to solve resides.

Days Gone

We were treated to some nice horde fun at last year’s E3, but this year we got to see something with a little more depth. MC Deacon St. John rides his bike to save a guy from some unsavoury people, by setting a horde on them.

Oh, and on stage, when Deacon comes across hanging dead people, hanging ‘dead’ people fall on stage as well! Oh, man, the immersion!

Stealth, traps, and a detailed environment were also showcased in this really beautiful piece of gameplay.

God of War

Ooh, we got a bit more story and gameplay in this one! Also, they seem to have added some more Greek mythology and not just Norse. Which makes sense. Three things we learned was that apparently his son is “cursed,” Kratos has a pretty cool mechanical shield, and you can do some sweet combos with the boy. Expect it out early 2018!

Detroit: Become Human

Yes! We got some more story and met a new character, Marcus, while catching a glimpse of the androids we’re already met. Marcus sets out to lead the Android rebellion and he and a friend break into the android stores to “free their people.” The trailer wants you to know that you have quite a few choices. Even the things you neglect to do can create consequences.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 gets a new trailer that features more story and is more player-focused. You can buy the game from September the 6th!

Oh, and there’s extra content exclusive to PlayStation, which I think happened last time, too. So PlayStation users get an exclusive Strike, some gear, a ship, an exotic weapon and an exclusive PVP map!


HEY YES! The finale of the show was some long-awaited gameplay from Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man. And, wow. It looks super fluid with all the web flinging and swinging with the combat smoothly mixing kicks and punches with leaps and awesome web action. Oh, and you can run on walls.

but I will speak no more, for here it is! Expected to come out next year.


PlayStation VR

Skyrim VR

Did you know you wanted this? Well, now you do. As if they couldn’t milk the Skyrim cows enough, but I still want to give them my money.

Star Child

Hey, this looks cool! You’re a sort of space woman in a sort of 3D sidescroller! And it looks really nice. I’m not sure if there was any point in making this a VR title. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Inpatient

Oh, hey, another psychological thriller for the VR! And it’s from the guys who brought us Until Dawn! Excellent. 

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

A Final Fantasy fishing game! But, hey, it looks pretty cute.

Bravo Team

Wait, wait! Don’t pass over this one because of it’s dull name. It looks like a pretty cool FPS VR game to join your copy of Farpoint. Except, instead of some unknown planet, you’re in a modern day Eastern European city and the president has just been assassinated – on your watch.

Go redeem yourself, now, before the world turns into chaos.


This. I want this. This has got to be the cutest thing to grace the stage of E3 (oh, except for Bethesda’s opening). You play a little mouse with big ears, and it’s wearing a little bandana and a little backpack and it’s got this cool leaf gauntlet thing on it’s right arm. Oh, it looks absolutely adorable! It kind of reminds me of Desperaux (after he becomes badass) as the mouse scurries around a castle and encounters a massive snake.

Please tell me when this is coming out. I really want it.

More Games

Monster Hunter World

We laughed out loud when this title came up. Here we are, looking at some jungle, deliberating whether or not it was a Final Fantasy because of the massive sword on the guy’s back. The guy stealths away from some little dinosaurs and then goes to attack the big (and intriguing) dinosaur. We’re waiting with baited breath, our curiosity for what the heck this game might be called. And it’s Monster. Hunter. World.

Monster Hunter World might sound cool in Japanese, but it definitely wins the lamest name award for the year. And that’s saying something, because Bravo Team was on that list too. That aside, it looks pretty cool. I mean, we’re fighting dinosaurs

EDIT: Oh, Monster Hunter is a franchise? Well. In our defense, “Monster Hunter World” does sound pretty lame, especially if it was a stand alone title as we thought it was. Please accept our humblest of apologies for not knowing about Monster Hunter previously. 

Marvel vs Capcom

Need I say more? I’m not into fighting games, but hey, Megaman vs Gamora? That sounds cool.

Shadow of the Colossus

Yes, this masterpiece is getting a complete makeover! Oh, it looks so pretty! And it’s due to come out next year! Hopefully.

Call of Duty: WWII

It’s nice to see Call of Duty going back to its roots. Here we have a new trailer showcasing some of the multiplayer to help stoke the COD hype. It’s ready to release on November 3rd.

That’s it from the Sony Press Conference. For the lowdown on all of E3, you can check out our article E3 in a Nutshell, where we’ve got everything in one place.

The next and last show is Nintendo, at the delightful hour of 4am tomorrow (14th of June). Don’t worry, we’ll be covering it for you!


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