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To be fair, after playing The Division 2 (henceforth “Div2“) private and public betas, I didn’t think I would shell out nearly $100 for the basic game package. I felt like I had probably done most of the things that one could do, including the PVP aspects.

But then…I got bored, and it was my birthday, so I went and paid for it.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Let’s recap on the story a wee bit. In The Division, a virus has been released on Manhatten Island on a day known as Black Friday. The city descends into chaos, slowly losing services and then groups of people try to take control of these services, as well as the city. You are a secret agent from a group called “The Division”. The Division are a group of hidden agents who appear to be Civilians, and are trained to work autonomously in case of emergency. There is lots of intrigue and twists in the story.

In Div2, 7 months have passed and the crisis has worsened outside of Manhattan. Now New York itself is threatened, and if New York is lost, all of the USA is lost. So, the story begins with your reassignment as the Sheriff of New York. Then you have to reclaim the whitehouse and set up bases.

Much of the game play is the same, but improved. The special equipment and tools are also upgraded and better to use. I particularly like the attack drone which upsets the AI bosses immensely and makes them dance around swatting at this angry fly 😛

The map is hugely detailed, and the rendering of a post-disaster New York is done very well. The level of detail in the environment, without causing undue stress to my budget video card, is pretty epic (I have a GTX 1070 and was able to play in ultra).

The introduction of settlements, which require upgrading (as well as the main base), and secure zones that you can fast travel to. You have to fight off the locals to claim them, and occasionally they try to take them back. There are all sorts of dynamic events and incidents, bounties and missions, along with a great story – as you’d expect from something with Tom Clancy’s name.

If you played the Beta’s and thought you had done it all, or have been told that, well, you’re wrong. I have been playing for 30 or more hours, still have stacks of the map to unlock, countless missions I havent done, so many places I havent seen.

If you like this kind of game, you’ll love this.

– Geoff Gummer


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