Days Gone Flashback Wedding Trailer

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Days Gone Flashback Wedding Trailer

Sony have released a new trailer today for the hotly anticipated PS4 survival horror game, Days Gone.

The trailer adds some backstory flavour to protagonist Deacon St. John who is shown wandering a desolate ruin of a church, rain pelting down on him. He takes a photo from his pocket and flashes back to a memory of his wedding to his fiance Sarah, seemingly at the same church before the pandemic struck.

It’s an unconventional wedding, with Sarah’s traditional white dress a sharp contrast to Deacon’s more casual biker garb. It feels heartfelt and genuine, but also hasty and unprepared. A sole guest, clad also in biker gear, slowly claps from the pews.

Deacon’s trip down memory lane is soon interrupted, not by zombies, but by a gang of equally viscous looking human bikers. He fights his way out of the church, holding off this brutal band that seem determined to see him dead. No salvation is to be found outside though, instead he faces a massive hoard of zombies. Raising his gun, he prepares for battle.

The trailer follows Sony’s release of a gallery of screenshots of Sarah and Deacon’s romance, most likely taken from in game flashback memories. The page is titled A Mongrel Matrimony.

Days Gone will be released by SIE Bend Studio on April 26th, 2019.


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