Cybertruck fails and a price for the PS5?

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Hello! Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly, where I’m going to give you the downlow of the biggest news from last week. Yeah, it sounds so untimely saying it that way, but I only write this article once a week, so yeah. Hopefully I’m bringing something a little new to you.

Whose Disney+ accounts are getting hacked?

Not a day had gone by from the launch of Disney+ and people were discovering they were being locked out of their pre-purchased accounts. 

When Variety reported on the incident they approached Disney about it, who responded:

We have found no evidence of a security breach. We continuously audit our security systems and when we find an attempted suspicious login we proactively lock the associated user account and direct the user to select a new password.


Regardless of this, too many people have found themselves locked out of their account. Most of them had prepaid for two to three years of Disney+, making their accounts worth stealing and selling on the darknet for cheap. 

Our resident tech-head recommends you use a unique password for Disney+ that is different from any other password you use anywhere else in case you too get your account stolen.


The Game Awards are coming up and, in all honesty, it’s shown me that I haven’t played any of the best games this year. 

Nominated for Game of the Year we have Control, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and The Outer Worlds.

Death Stranding takes the title of most nominations, appearing in eight other categories, but Control comes up close behind, being nominated in seven others.

The awards will be live streamed on Friday, 13th December and 2:30pm NZDT. You’ll be able to watch it on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer and all the places you usually stream. Including Oculus Venues, if you want the VR experience!

Elon Musk’s live demo of his cyber truck was a bit of a fail.

Tesla have unveiled their new electric pickup truck, which Musk lovingly calls the Cybertruck. He wanted it to look like it had come straight out of Bladerunner and doesn’t care if people don’t like the design.

And yeah, people have been saying it looks like a car from a PS1 game. 

The truck starts at USD$39,900, which is just over NZD$62,000. That particular truck will get 250 miles, 0-60 miles in six and a half seconds with a top speed of 110mph. There are two more powerful trucks above this base model (USD$70,000 for the most powerful one).

Interestingly enough, it’s going to be made out of the same material that SpaceX has been using to make its Mars rocket prototypes out of. And while this body of the car didn’t seem to get a scratch after being banged on by a sledgehammer, the glass windows shattered TWICE, after getting a metal ball thrown at it.

But aside from that, the whole car, in my opinion, looks awesome. I know about 50% of the world’s population would aggressively disagree with me, but that’s okay. 

And of course, it wouldn’t be a new Elon Musk product without an autopilot feature.

A Price Leak for the PS5?

A well-regarded leaker posted up what could potentially be the price and launch date of the PlayStation 5! But please only consider this a rumour, and not an official announcement from Sony.

They also tweeted that it would be available in the US on November 20th 2020. With an SSD of 2TB at the price of about NZD$780, I feel like that’s pretty good. Half the price of my new gaming PC with the same SSD storage, and I got that for cheap. 

AND, if this leaker is correct (they have the track record to back them up), the PS5 is going to not only be backwards compatible with PS4 games, but games from ALL PlayStation generations! 

I don’t think you know how excited I am about this. I am very. Very. VERY. Excited.


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