ClassicaLoid – The reason I’m breaking up with anime

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Anime, we need talk.

It’s not me, it’s you.

Look, we’ve had some great times! Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Kill La Kill these are all highlights of our relationship. You’ve given me unimaginable adventure, epic battles and laugh out loud moments. You’ve been a constant companion, and you’ve even taught me a few things along the way.

But things have changed.

I know you’re strange, and that’s not a bad thing. In fact many times it has led to greatness… but not this time. This time you may have gone too far out of the box.

Our most recent interactions have left me confused, lost and empty. What were you thinking when you conceived ClassicaLoid? My friend (Di) was openly concerned you were on drugs, and I think she might be right. First of all the title is just frustrating to say – and to be honest it is frustrating to watch as well.

I went in giving you the benefit of the doubt, open minded – you’ve delivered on wacky plot lines in the past. So when I read about Kanae & Sōsuke living in a mansion with the reincarnations of classical composers like Beethoven & Mozart I was confused, but open to greatness. After watching I’m still confused and very much closed off to any more of this show. I really can’t believe there is a season 2!

However there were moments that made me laugh, the episode where Beethoven turns into a fish and is almost eaten by the other composers is pretty lol-inducing. But the show seemingly has no plot whatsoever. I really couldn’t get behind Sōsuke’s huge desire to become famous. It seems to be the only reason for his relationships with the famous composers – and to be honest I’m still not really sure this is a key plot line, but it’s the only one I managed to catch on to.

Now when I’m being honest with myself, I can definitely see that actually this isn’t entirely your fault. Missing what was said because I failed to read the subtitles is definitely a contributing factor. But when the text is only on screen for a split second, because the dialogue was so quick I couldn’t help but lose track of what little story there was. I am also by no means a classical music connoisseur… in fact I don’t know classical music at all. So I am certain I missed subtle and even not so subtle details and jokes.

In the end ClassicaLoid had too many reasons I could no longer invest in this relationship. The show has caused a rift between us. I was no longer receiving what I needed from our bond. There was totally no way of escaping into your world when I was acutely aware of just how mad everything was. I couldn’t invest, I can’t invest.

I’m sorry anime, it’s over.

Joshua Baty

P.S – I’ll be begging you to take me back when the new season of Fairy Tail drops later this year.




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