Mass Effect Andromeda video

E3 officially starts tomorrow but Electronic Arts have released an exciting new Mass Effect Andromeda video at their conference yesterday. The video gives a glimpse of a few familiar species including a Krogan, a Salarian and a close up of an Asari with impressively detailed facial motion. While Bioware have been tight-lipped about the story, the video implies that humanity will be leaving the Mil...

E3 – The Monday Lowdown

EA and Bethesda both had their presentations on yesterday. Here’s what happened. Things we weren’t expecting Quake Champions Quake, an apparently popular competitive multiplayer, is returning as Quake Champions. Prey A reboot of the series. A psychological space game from Arcane Studios, the guys behind Dishonoured and its sequel. You are the key subject...

Battlefront Outer Rim DLC

The first of the four new DLCs for Battlefront has come out! For those with the season pass, you have two weeks early access to four new maps, two new heroes and a whole new game mode. Take a look at the trailer! As you can see, two new heroes join the mix! Everybody’s second-favourite bounty hunter Greedo, and Nien Nunb – that guy who flew with Lando in the Battle of Endor. You know, in Episode 6...

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