The Pretty Much Geeks’ Guide to Gifts (Christmas and Beyond)

Here at Pretty Much Geeks we LOVE the Christmas holidays! But we also hate the stress that comes with trying to figure out what to buy some people. So we’ve compiled a hopefully helpful list of some super cool presents to gift the geek in your life! The PlayStation Classic Jaz A tiny console with a massive 20 games preloaded onto it, this is a great gift for the gamer who longs for the 90s. ...

French Seam Tutorial

If you don’t have access to an overlocker, French Seams are a good way to prevent fabric edges from fraying. They can also be used to give a tidy finish to the seams on an unlined garment. I’ve found myself doing a lot of these recently, so I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial for them. Hopefully it might be useful to some beginner cosplayers out there!

Mamma Courts Comp Entering Guide

Ever since I started offering up my Mamma Courts texts it has been my goal to try and make people’s convention going experiences as stress free as I can. I’ve learnt a lot over my years of cosplaying and the only way to improve things around you is to offer up your experiences, both victories and failures, for others to learn from: and in turn learn from other people’s victories ...

Armageddon Cosplay Interviews!

Courty & Courtney catch up with Jungle Lady Cosplay, Rachael Diamond, Little Monster Cosplays, Galexei Cosplays, IdotCosplay, Perfect Randomness Cosplay, Zub.Kitty Cosplay and Elizabeth’s World at Armageddon 2016!

PokemonGo Trainer (female) Cosplay Tutorial!

With a convention approaching fast and no new cosplay ready to wear, I needed to make something quick, easy, and cheap. So I embarked on an adventure to make my Pokemon Go trainer’s outfit. I’ve already seen a couple of tutorials shared online, however some of the methods I’ve used are different so I’m adding this to the collective, to give potential cosplayers more options and ideas. My version i...

Cosplay Contesting Tips

By Kathy Smythe I have won, I have gotten nothing, I have entered by myself, I have entered in Duos, I have had stuff finished the month before, I have had stuff finished the night before. I have been late, I have been early, I have done skits, I have not done skitssssss and I have judged. Let my past failures and good-times help you navigate the cosplay contest process as stress free as a cat mad...

Kiki and Robert Picardo

Kiki (aka Saskia) chatted with the lovely Robert Picardo at Wellington Armageddon Expo! Talking Stargate Star Trek: Voyager Morganville: The Series & Hail, Caesar! Check out his most recent ‪PlanetaryPost‬ for The Planetary Society here:

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic Part 2!

Courty chats with Aenthralled Cosplay and Pink Star Cosplay about their impressive outfits!

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic 2016

Saskia and Courty headed to the Akiba con Cosplay Picnic over the weekend!

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