Body Confidence 101

Cosplay for a lot of people is another form of expressing yourself. Whether it be expressing your creativity or your love for a specific character, us nerds love to dress up! But for some, the way we perceive our body image can get in the way of having the most fun in a costume that we love. So I’m here to help guide you into building more body confidence no matter your shape or size 🙂

The first thing you’ve got to know is that you are beautiful. In and out of cosplay. With and without make up. You are beautiful. Your mere existence is a beautiful and miraculous thing so love the life the universe has given you and enjoy the living shit out of it the best way you can! Do things that make you happy (as long as they don’t harm yourself or others of course, lol) because a life without happiness can feel like a burden. If going on Tumblr for four hours a day makes you happy, then do that. If watching endless hours of youtube makes you happy, then do that. If talking with your friends on Skype makes you happy, then do that. If you love drawing or creating things, then do that. Be the happiest you that you can be, because when you’re happy it becomes a lot easier to love yourself and the body you are in.

Be healthy. You KNOW whether the food you eat is good or not, McDonalds only fucks your insides up and you KNOW that. When you feel good on the inside you feel good on the outside too. Start by cutting fizzy drinks out of your diet. Fizzy is just pure sugar and sugar is enemy number one. Sweet, delicious; but evil. Drink way more water. Your body is something like 70% water (I’m too lazy to google that exact fact, big shocker there lol). So when the only liquids you drink all day are coffe or energy drinks or tea or juice or fizzy, you aren’t exactly helping your body out any now are you? There’s an amazing app called “Plant Nanny” that you keep a little plant alive by drinking water, a great way to get you into drinking more water if you live on your phone.

And exercise is incredibly important too. Go for a walk every day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Our bodies are literally hardwired to feel good when we exercise, so what not abuse that free endorphin kick. I’ve got fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, so I know better than most just how difficult daily exercise can be. But I also know how shit my body feels when I miss a day of exercise. Did you know that your muscles start atrophying after only two days?? Two. Days. Just two days and your muscles literally start decaying. How weird and horrible is that. So I thoroughly implore you to go for a walk every day. You don’t need to spend hours in a gym. You don’t need to meet any squat goals for a perky butt. You don’t need to run 10km. You just need to get moving. And over time you’ll want to get moving further and further which is nothing but a good thing for you and your body.

If you need help in gaining or losing weight then be smart about it. Talk to your local GP so you can work together in making a plan to get you towards your goals. Don’t do any fad diets. Don’t kill yourself in the gym. Be smart. Be healthy.

Right. Now whilst you are doing all that you can do in becoming a healthier you, let’s talk body confidence. If you know me, then you know I have no problem in telling anybody how beautiful I am, how it’s a privilege for the Earth to even have me on it because I am so stunningly attractive. You’ll also know that when I put makeup on my already big ego gets even bigger lmao. And I’ll share with you my secret into building confidence to a level that matches my own!

You’re beautiful, start believing it. Our time on this Earth is too short to not know that you’re beautiful. And you are. You are the sole reason the Earth keeps spinning and new days keep coming, because the universe wants to see more of you and your beauty.

When given a compliment, believe it’s truth. I’ve met a lot of people that when given a compliment don’t believe it. And this genuinely hurts me. I wouldn’t give a compliment if I didn’t believe in it whole heartedly. If I tell you that I love your makeup then I fucking love your makeup and know all the time you put in to make it so fucking stunning today. If I tell you that your hair looks really cute today, then I know the effort you put in to make it that cute and it is totally working for you. If I say that I love your shoes then I’m secretly plotting to one day steal them away from you because they are so stunning. And if I tell you are beautiful, believe it. I see everything that is YOU and I see your beauty. Do you know what I do when somebody tells me I’m beautiful? I reply with “I know.” Because I do know that I’m beautiful. I didn’t spend hours on my makeup to be anything less than a freakn’ Goddess. And people generally giggle and laugh after I tell them exactly that because for most it is the first time they have heard somebody so sure in themselves. I am beautiful in and out of make up. I am stunning. Gorgeous. Unique. Attractive. Pretty. Handsome. Alluring. Magnificent. Marvellous. Dazzling. Exquisite… sorry, I get on a role once I start listing my appeal, lmao. But do you know what? You are also everything that I just listed. So when somebody tells you you are beautiful, BELIEVE IT!!!


Ignore any and all negativity. The world is full of assholes and dicks, and these douche canoes just loooove sharing their opinions with anyone they can find. Ignore them. They aren’t worth the air you breathe let alone letting what they say get to you. Ignore them. Don’t believe a word they say because it isn’t true. You are beautiful and stunning and nothing no sad excuse for dick lint can say is going to change that.

Everyday when you get out of the shower, look at your body and marvel in it’s beauty. I literally do this after every shower. I drop my towel, look at my naked body and just admire how fucking beautiful I am. How gorgeous my ginger hair is. How incredibly intricate my blue irises are. How my very European nose looks great on me, even if sometimes I wish it wasn’t so big. How I totally pull off having half-brows that are so blonde they sometimes don’t even look like they exist thanks to them constantly falling out due to the physical stress my body goes through. How the bags under my eyes are beautiful in an odd sense, but are also a constant reminder that I need to keep an eye of my health and sleep. How stunning my jaw line is. How delicate the dip in my collarbone is. How my zits can go burn in hell, but I’m still sex on legs even with them. How my right boob is bigger than my left boob, and should anybody ever see them they better fucking worship them like I do or they can gtfo. How the moles on my body make my skin interesting and like I’m a living, breathing constellation. Then I give my moles the evil eye and tell them not to even think about going cancerous on me, and that I’ll be watching them, should they ever change. How my ribcage is deceivingly big and that I have a barrel chest thanks to my asthma and ancestry. How my left ribs curve out slightly at the ends and after a thorough google that’s a totally normal thing, thank fuck. How I have wide child baring hips and that one day I hope they will get the chance to actually bare a child. That the birthmark on my right hip is unique and I swear to the universe didn’t show up until I was in Intermediate. The my forearms are nothing but muscle thanks to me playing video games and completely tensing up from my hands to my shoulders whilst I button mash away. That my upper arms are soft and squishy until I flex those muscles and the big guns come out to play (also thanks to my video game tensing lol). I also find it hilarious when I wave my arms about and the old Royal Wave comes out to play because jiggly arms are funny. But not as funny as jiggly thighs when I walk or am on a bumpy road in the car lmfao. I love that my thighs touch at the top, then there’s a little gap in the middle of them when my ankles are touching. I love my hairy thighs and how soft they are because I only shave half way up my thigh to where my old wetsuit tan used to be. I love growing my leg hairs out in the winter and embracing my true Yeti heritage, although the feeling of my leg hairs billowing in the breeze as I walk is completely distracting. I love when my legs are freshly shaven and smooth as fuck! I love that when I don’t shave my hairs glint golden in the sunlight. I love how fuzzy my arm hairs are and how they sometimes too glint golden in the sunlight. I love all the scars on my hands that are 99% from cats because I play rough with my felines lol. I love the scars on my inner elbow from all the needles and IV’s that I’ve had from going to the hospital and countless blood tests over the years, although it’s annoying when a nurse misses your vein because they are so grisly from being scarred after being stabbed so many times lol. I LOVE each and every one of my freckles and I wish I had more, especially on my face, shoulders and knees, omg knee freckles are seriously the CUTEST!!! I love how tiny my calves are due to a genetic condition that makes the sacks that surround your muscles and protect them from harm too tight, not allowing the muscles to actually expand and grow normally. I love that this makes my legs look chicken drumsticks; big thighs and skinny little calves. I love it when my tiny calves are tinier than people smaller than me, but I totally get calve envy all the freakn time cause I’m only human lol. I love the squish around my belly, hips and thighs, I find it incredibly feminine and hope I’ll always be squishy there. Soft and delicate. I love me. I find every part of me beautiful and it’s about time you did to.

But I understand that not everybody can start out loving every bit of themselves, so let’s start small. Next time you’re fresh from the shower, I want you to look at a part of your body that you like and tell yourself how beautiful it is. Tell yourself why you love that part of your body so much. Do this with every body part that you love. Whether it be how cute your ears are or your freckles or your thick and luscious eyelashes or your adorable toes or your hair or your abs or your flat butt, whatever you love, tell yourself that you love it and why you love it.

After you get used to listing all of the things you love, move on to the things that you just like. Tell yourself why you like those bits. Then after a while, start to tell yourself that you love those bits. Tell yourself why you should love those parts of you. And before you know it you’ll actually start believing yourself. You will fall in love those parts of your body just like the other parts, because you are beautiful and those pieces of you are beautiful too.

And now comes the tricky part. The parts of you that you don’t like. I want you to chose just one part of your body that you don’t like, and I want you to find one good thing about that part. One good, positive thing that you might not have seen before. Over time, do this with all of the parts you don’t particularly like about yourself. Find something good in them. And when you’ve found something good in all of the parts you don’t like, I want you to find a way to like them. Find a way to not only see the positive in those parts of you, but to like those positive aspects about them too. And when you’ve nailed liking those parts of you, come to love them. Come to love every single piece of you.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen in a week or two, but by doing this you will eventually come to love the way you look, and believe that you are beautiful because you are beautiful.

Once you feel beautiful in your own body your self confidence levels will be astronomically high – just where they should be. And this will help you cosplay specific characters with a little more self-reassurance that you look as amazing as you feel 🙂

But there is always several ways to feel more comfortable in your cosplays, especially the more skimpy ones. Now, I want it on the record that I have no problem with skimpy cosplays!!! I in fact have several of my own skimpy cosplays planned for this year that I can’t wait to make and wear and blind the people with my pasty milky white skin. But there is a time and place for your skimpy cosplays. If your cosplay is literally nothing more than a bikini then it’s probably not wise to wear it to a family friendly convention now is it?? Or to a convention in winter because I literally get cold just watching other people get cold, and there is no way in fuck that you are any shade of warm in a bikini in the middle of winter. NONE.

Bikini cosplays are great for photoshoots on the beach or at the poolside. Or at that one convention in America that is literally held in a hotel at a water park and everybody goes with swimwear they’ve made or bought that match their characters. Man I want to go to that convention one day, it always looks like everybody has SO MUCH FUN!! So wear your bikini cosplays to these locations and keep them out of cons, yeah? After all, no cosplay is literally no cosplay.

But let’s say you’re wearing a skimpy cosplay that has your legs out and about. It’s incredibly easy to feel more secure by wearing a pair of dance tights. The only tricky part about dance tights is finding a pair in your shade because they only seem to come in pale pink colours because those are the colours ballerinas wear and that’s pretty much what these tights were made for – ballerinas. But with a good internet hunt I’m positive you can find a pair in your skin tone. I wear a pair of dance tights with my Ashe costume (as she’s my only short-skirt cosplay that I have right now) and I can’t even tell you how reassuring it is to know that should a string breeze lift up my skirt or my bow pick up the hem that the only thing people are going to see is a pair of tights. Holy damn talk about a life saver. Wear nude underwear and a pair of dance tights and you can flash your friends and laugh about how you look like a Barbie doll now.  When you don’t have to worry about flashing randoms you can enjoy your con experience a whole lot more.  Not to mention that your legs will look smooth and flawless in photos.

If you aren’t entirely happy with your silhouette then the power of shapewear can help you out there. From waist-trainers to spanx to corsets, there’s something out there to give you the figure you are looking for. Naturally, you need to be smart about it though. Don’t wear a corset for the very first time on the day of a con because lol, you are going to be in a world of discomfort and probably end the day with bruised ribs. Do your homework on the shapewear you are looking at purchasing and look at all of the health risks and take them seriously. A pair of spanx under your costume though will smooth everything down into flat lines and will help remove any worry you might have about the way our bodies naturally ebb and flow and what that looks like in a tight body suit. I’ve got a friend that wore a pair of dance tights, a waist trainer, and a shapewear leotard so they could look sleek as a seal in their cosplay and the results were incredible. But she also has several costumes where her stomach is out and girl rocks wearing no shapewear and being natural and gorgeous; so don’t think that the only way you are going to look good in a costume is if you’re wearing so much spanx you might as well be an ambassador for them. Make the decision for yourself about what is going to make you feel the most comfortable in your costume, and then be smart about it. Don’t go risking your health just to decrease the size of your waist. It’s not worth it and you already look amazing in the first place.

And don’t forget to wear your costume before the con and just admire yourself in the  mirror and how fabulous you look. Practise several different poses and facial expressions. Take so many selfies that you are going to be a little bit embarrassed with yourself later when you scroll through your gallery and find 50 photos that look exactly the same. Build your confidence in your costume up in front of the mirror so that when you wear it in front of others you’ve already got the groundwork covered. And when somebody tells you you look beautiful reply with “I know”. Then promptly gush over their costume and what you love about it and if you can get them to blush with all the love you are throwing at them then you’ve totally won.

Follow these helpful tips and in no time I’m positive you’ll be feeling more confident in yourself both in and out of cosplay. And one day you might even have an ego to rival my own ;P In the mean time though, you are beautiful and keep being the best you you can be.

Loads of love,

-Mamma Courts, Sparky, Courtney, and whatever other nicknames I’ve managed to gather


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