Black Friday Giveaway!

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It’s coming up to Black Friday! Now who doesn’t love a good deal? If you’ve been holding out for that game you’ve salivated over for a while, this weekend might be the best time to get it. Though many things are likely to drop in price over the weekend, PriceSpy has a few tips to keep you sales savvy. 

ONE – Be Prepared.

Know exactly what you want before you wade through the flood of garish SALE! signs, amended price tags and feverish shoppers. Don’t let any “deals” fool you into buying things you never needed. The PriceSpy app notifies you if an item you want drops in price, so there should be no need to sift through superfluous savings.

TWO – Check Out the Competition.

Various stores have differing deals, so it pays (almost literally) to peruse all the stores selling what you want. PriceSpy is a third party site whose sole purpose is to help you out in this area. 

THREE – Check Price History.

Many places cheat deals by putting prices up before advertising !!mAsSiVE pRiCe DrOp!! so getting to know the history of an item’s price is a really good way of knowing whether or not you’re actually getting a good deal. You can find this information on sites like PriceSpy,by hitting the Price History tab.

Many Kiwis have been checking out a few of the latest games this month, and PriceSpy is very generously teaming up with us to give TWO lucky people the chance to have one!

It’s been some time since some new, big titles have graced the shelves of game stores, and it seems we are very keen to get our hands on them. Up for grabs is the Modern Warfare II remaster and the new Pokemon games Scarlet and Violet. As well as God of War: Ragnarok, a beautiful sequel to the 2018 Game of the Year (you can check out our review of it here!)

For your chance to win one of these amazing video games, all you need to do is enter your name and age and we’ll be announcing the winners on Sunday. 

Black Friday Giveaway!

We’ll be announcing the winners on the competition’s corresponding Facebook post, as well as emailing them – so keep an eye on your junk mail! The winners will be asked which of the five featured games they would like and, if applicable, which platform they would like it on. Note that the competition is only open to New Zealand residents.

Good luck!


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