Bacon: Enter the Hanger Zone

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I’m a vegetarian. So putting bacon on everything is a strange experience for me. And I mean…everything. Cookbooks, inspirational quotes, money, hairdryers, Kevin Bacon…the list goes on.

Little indie company Kamibox is responsible for bringing us such a weird and oddly-satisfying experience. Bacon – The Game is the third in the food series and comes after many happy downloads of Pancake and Burger. The title pretty much says it all. Put bacon on whatever is on the screen. Tap to release bacon on to pan. Tap to flick bacon. If bacon lands on item and stays there, you’ve won and you’re on to the next level. Sweet sweet opera music accompanies each success with the option of snapping a screenshot for boasting rights.

It’s not Diner Dash but it is mobile gaming in its full single-finger-tapping glory. It’s important not to underestimate it though because, let me tell you, bacon physics is hard. I mean, have you ever tried flipping something that’s really wobbly on to a tiny space with such precision that it lands and stays there? And on top of that, you have to take into account the physics of the item itself: e.g. slippery butter, blowy hairdryers, moon gravity.

If you find yourself in a puzzle where you’ve apparently failed a few too many times, the game sweetly and discretely puts a “skip” button in the corner, right before you throw your device across the room.

Physics aside, it’s the hilarity of putting bacon on random items that’ll keep you clicking through its one-hundred levels. Developer Phillip Stollenmeyer spent two years wanting to make a game about bacon and it’s evident he’s used that time for some creative thinking. There are a ton of levels that earned genuine LOLs and even snorts from me. It’s the kind of game you want to play with a friend just so you can share the laughter, the frustration and go “wtf” at the same time.

I’d talked about the audio brilliance of Stollenmeyer’s other game Supertype before, and Bacon is no different. Beware that playing this game and listening to bacon repeatedly hitting a sizzling pan may trigger hanger. Also, the opera music that rewards each success is so out of place that is weirdly perfect.

It’s the game you never knew you needed. And it’s worth every penny (it’s free).



I'm smiling

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