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I just saw Avengers: Endgame. What just happened. My brain hurts. Too much awesome-ness and too many emotions and too great and  much grood and wowowowowow. I wanted to write this review as soon as I got home. Fast and fresh. Give the people the low down on the much-anticipated film. I don’t think I can do it. My brain is literally struggling to compute the movie thing I just witnessed. I’m getting a headache. It might be because I only had ice cream and a red wine for dinner or it might be because I cried and cheered way too much in the movie. It’s too much. Goodnight.

Ahem, okay, let’s try this again. It is a new day and both my husband and I were kept awake by thoughts of Endgame as we tried to drift off. Damn you and your brilliance Endgame! I’m in no better of a state to write this review than I was late last night!

Firstly, I promise to keep this spoiler-free! This is going to make writing much about the film very very difficult as almost everything that happens is exciting, important and extremely spoilery due to the nature of the film. It’s kind of mind-boggling to think back over the last 10-ish years of inter-connected superhero movies and realise the conclusion is here. It’s done. It’s perfect.

If you were expecting Endgame to hit ya pretty hard in the feels department, you’re correct. I don’t know if you realise just how hard it’s going to hit you (if you’re a Marvel fan-boy/girl), though. I’ve still been tearing up today just remembering certain moments or repercussions of certain decisions that I hadn’t considered at the time of viewing. The way they handle the ’emotional stuff’ hits all the right notes, which is something that surprised me. I didn’t feel emotionally blackmailed as much as I did by certain moments in Infinity War *cough* spider-man’s death *cough*. It all felt pretty ‘real’ and true to the characters, I think Endgame will be playing on my mind for awhile to come, and I don’t even consider myself a big fan of the universe! Argh there’s so much I keep wanting to type, but then I realise it’s bordering on spoiler-territory and I am determined to not play any part in dulling the emotional impact of the film for you. Once you’ve seen it, let’s debrief (seriously – just message me through the Facebook page and I will reply!).

Endgame brings out the best performances I’ve seen from a few of the actors to date. Due to the very heavy nature of the situation they’re left with, after Infinity War, we get to see several of our Heroes at their lowest points and how they’ve individually dealt with the enormous loss. Chris Hemsworth, as Thor, looks like he would have had the most fun and the direction his character takes, is surprising and perfect. Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were the stand out performances for me. Sheesh. Get me my tissues please, ANYBODY. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk has some cool character development and great comedic moments. Oh yea!!! Did I mention that Endgame still manages to be pretty hilarious? We’re served up a mix of humour styles from the previous films (Ant-man, Thor: Ragnarok etc) and somehow they all work together brilliantly.

Endgame blew me away. How they managed to weave together a decade of different characters, directors, comedic influences and storylines into a single film, so wonderfully and staying so true to each character, is something I’ll never understand. If you’ve only ever watched a couple (or none) of the previous Marvel films…then maybe catch up before attempting Endgame. It’s not going to stand up as a standalone film – and nor should it! If you’re a hard-out comic book fan, I’m really not sure if it’s going to deliver everything you need it to, or not. If you’re a lover of the films, I am confident you are going to find it hard not to break down on the floor sobbing your heart out, jump up and down in the aisle cheering at all the ‘HELL YEA!’ moments and laugh till you cry some more.



Experience this

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