Attack on Titan – Season One

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Flippin' great

So season 1 of Attack on Titan is finally out on DVD and Blu Ray! If you haven’t seen it already, then you should probably push it to the top of your list right about now…

I remember the year the anime came out and suddenly Armageddon was full of these people wearing jackets and tight pants. I had no idea what they were dressed as, and I didn’t really care too much. My friend and co-reviewer, Andrea, kept trying to talk me into watching some anime with ‘Giant Zombies’ – like it was an appealing idea or something. When my husband came home and suggested we watch it because he had also heard it was great, I finally gave in. Boy am I glad I did!

I really don’t want to give too much away about the plot because I went in literally not knowing anything other than there were ‘Giant Zombies’,  and so every twist and turn of the story came as a complete surprise/shock. It was such a fun and addictive ride. I will however, set the scene.

The plot centres around Eren, Mikasa and Armin; three friends growing up in a city surrounded by enormous walls to keep out Titans. Eren is stubborn and reckless, driven by a tragedy that kicks the series into gear (no spoilers here son!). Mikasa is his adopted sister who is very protective of Eren and has basically followed him everywhere since a childhood trauma. She’s very quiet and a bit stern, but is one of the most kickass characters in the series! Armin is a childhood friend of both Eren and Mikasa who has always dreamed of seeing the world beyond the walls. He lacks self confidence but is pretty dang brainy.

Titans are pretty much ginormous zombie-like things that eat people, for no apparent reason. They haven’t been seen for over 100 years, so many have begun to wonder if they actually ever existed. Let me tell you. They do exist and they are indescribably disturbing. Everything about them makes my skin crawl and makes zombies seem pretty harmless in comparison. Somehow they aren’t even the most interesting thing about Attack on Titan. As you might expect, humanity isn’t a shining beacon of hope in this universe. You’re really shown it as it’s worst a lot of the time, but the main characters give you something to cheer for as they strive to overcome some pretty massive trials.

There isn’t much of it, but there is some perfectly timed comic relief here and there. Just enough to stop the whole thing from being too gory and depressing. There are times when conversations seem to drag a little and you start craving some titan meals, but overall I think they’re necessary to flesh out several of the supporting characters. Just enough so you’re never quite sure which one will be DESTROYED by titans next and can actually be a bit bummed they’re gone.

Basically Attack on Titan blew my mind a bit. I binged that bad boy so fast I probably didn’t have my reviewer cap on and may have missed a few obvious flaws…



Flippin' great

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