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Aquaman was visually stunning. I was quite skeptical on how they were going to do the underwater scenes – but I was impressed. The costumes were vivid and the creatures of the deep were breathtaking.

If you don’t know it yet, this movie is an origin story. I knew nothing about Aquaman except for what I’ve seen in Young Justice and the latest Justice League movie, so I came in with an open mind. Seeing Atlantis was also jaw dropping – I am hoping to see more.  Without spoiling anything, the movie feels like a mix of Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Indiana Jones.

There were scenes where the CGI could have been done better (ie. when they made character faces look younger) but there are times where I caught my mouth agape. There were two top sea creatures for me – one was the majestic sea horse that they literally use as a horse and the other – well, I’ll keep that as a surprise (she makes a grand entrance near the end of the movie). There were times where I was questioning the level of intellect the animals had, I mean there was an octopus that was playing tribal drums and others were just used as a mode of transport. Oh, and look forward to seeing the different tribes of Atlanteans – the Trench gave me goosebumps (the good kind).

Jason Momoa is refreshing (no pun intended) and Amber Heard suited Mera.  I thought the casting was done really well. The voice actors for the sea creatures were also great.  Although the scripting needed work – aaaaand this is why I couldn’t give it a perfect score. I could hear the person next to me roll their eyes as some of the scenes were so cheesy and predictable. There were a few scenes where audible “what?!” and “what the …” could be heard in the audience. But the actors and actresses themselves I thought were on point. Aquaman’s dad (Temuera Morrison) was one of my faves <3.

The action scenes were magnificent. The female action scenes stood out to me the most. They were graceful and savage at the same time. I was immersed in it and wanted more. The sword fights and the Atlantean magic were so enchanting as it looked and felt realistic.

Atlantis is beautiful and so is the movie. Aquaman was captivating to watch. If only the scripting wasn’t so cringey, I would’ve given it a higher score. Do I recommend it? Yes! And definitely watch it on the big screen.




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