Another Disney Sequel and False Endings on Wikipedia

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Hello and welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! I don’t know if you noticed, but last week was my birthday. And if you didn’t get me a present, I will happily accept your forgiveness for not delivering last week’s news in film, games and entertainment. Ahah, my apologies.

This week, though, we have a sequel officially announced and one speculated, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood once ended very differently, and are loot boxes gambling? Apparently not.

FIFA loot boxes officially deemed not gambling

EA’s loot boxes and microtransactions were put on trial (so to speak) in front of the UK government. While many scoffed at EA describing loot boxes as “surprise mechanics” rather than gambling, the UK’s Gambling Commision chief executive seems to agree.

There are many stories of kids spending hundreds, even thousands of their parents’ dollars in a single game to try and get the item they want. But since loot boxes award items by chance there’s no official way to monetise those items and so, under the UK’s current legislation, it’s not considered “gambling.” 

The US also said loot boxes weren’t gambling since there is a reward once purchased. Belgium’s legislation is a little different, calling loot boxes a “game of chance”, which is why they were able to ban loot boxes entirely last year. But, as there’s no way to determine if your purchase was worth more or less than what you paid, I might have to side with the UK on this one.

Yay, sequels!

The creator of The Simpsons is pretty darn sure there will be a sequel to the cartoon’s full length feature. 

 “No doubt there will be another ‘Simpsons’ movie one of these days,” Matt Groening said at Comic-Con. “I think Disney wants something for its money.” 

In other news, while not technically a sequel, Amazon’s new series The Boys has been renewed for a second season, even before the first started airing!

Amazon seems to be quite comfortable with the faith and trust they’ve put into showrunner Erik Kripke. Though they did have them cut one scene which they thought was too far, even for the Boys. Though, from what I’ve heard, I do think there’s a lot worse in the show than this deleted scene.

Wikipedia had a false ending for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood doesn’t come out til the 15th of August in New Zealand (check out Ashton’s review here!) Though it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21st.

Tarantino asked festival goers not to spoil the film. “I love cinema. You love cinema. It’s the journey of discovering a story for the first time,” he said, “I only ask that everyone avoids revealing anything.”

But, of course, someone wrote up the entire synopsis on Wikipedia. Naturally, many a quarrel was sparked over this, but mainly because the end of the film was wildly inaccurate. However those who said it was wrong didn’t want to correct it for fear of spoiling it. People wondered if the page should be taken down entirely, but is Wikipedia journalism and is it allowed to spoil movies? 

Now, I know you’re curious. You want to know what it said. Wikipedia now has two completely separate pages for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. One with the truth and one with the crazy wrong ending. But I highly, highly, highly recommend you read this AFTER you’ve seen the film, or if you’re not planning to see the film at all. Some have said they preferred this ending and so it still spoiled the film for them. Here it is. You have been warned.

PlayStation 5 has a price tag?

I’m just going to say it now: No, it does not. But Sweden’s Media Markt, a European electronics store, has put what many assume is simply a placeholder price. A placeholder price of about NZ$1580!! 

While it’s predicted that the latest edition to the PlayStation family will cost more than the PS4 on release day (which was NZ$649), I don’t think it will be that much. Sheesh.The thing is though, this site is letting you preorder the console for that exuberant price. Which I think is incredibly cheeky.

Please, for the sake of your financial future, do not preorder there. Not until Sony has issued an official price tag.

The team behind Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series

I’m just going to leave you with this. Check out the caliber of the people doing this show! And there’s also a decent amount of women in writing and producer roles! Who knew I could be even more pumped for Lord of the Rings!!


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