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I enjoyed watching Ajin: Demi Human.  My Netflix account recommended it to me and I ended up watching 12 episodes in a row.  It tackles the dark aspects of the human nature including murder, apathy and suicide (to name a few). It is suitable for 18+ and over as the show can be disturbing at times.



The story primarily centres on Kei Nagai, a highschool kid who discovers he is an immortal ‘Ajin’ when he gets crushed by a truck.  The people witness the event and calls the police on scene. He runs away as the government considers Ajin’s as criminals.  The 13 episodes comprises of Nagai running away, exploring his powers, discovering others who are like him and Ajin’s retaliating against the government. Although the story does not end, we get a hint that there will be another season coming.

Plot and Themes

Once I got over my disappointment and accepted that Ajin is not ending after 13 episodes, I felt quite relieved.  ADH had a few slow bits but the story was exciting from start to finish.

As I have said, I recommend this show to adults.  It covers really dark aspects of the human nature.   Why would the government want immortal beings?  My thinking was that they could discover the secret to immortality. I was wrong. So what do they do with them?  You have to see for yourself.

Greed is something we are all familiar with.  Money, money, money.  There are numerous characters in ADH that displayed greed in various manners which I found quite clever.

Suicide was a side theme to this show and goes hand in hand with murder.   The animators showed these themes in a gruesome but effective way.  It shows how Ajin’s and humans respond to death differently. Did I mention that the show also touches upon torture and apathy?

Character Development

Character Development

ADH better redeem itself in season 2! I have so many questions. Here they are, just to list a few:

  1. Tosaki – why do you have white hair when you are not old?
  2. Shimomura – why are you so loyal to Tosaki?
  3. Nagai – Are you actually caring or are you a jerk?
  4. Kaito – Where did you get your skills from? Why did you help out Nagai?
  5. Sato – Why do you wear that hat?

A lot of the characters also hint that Nagai is special – and not just that he is an Ajin.  He is a special human and a special Ajin too. But the story does not go into what makes act the way he does.  He is empathic one second and the next he couldn’t care less.

There are so many back stories season 1 didn’t expand on which disappointed me.  They also introduce characters that you think are meaningful but never see again.  Will they make appearances in season 2? I didn’t see any foreshadowing – or maybe I just missed them.



It looks kind of awkward at the start as I was trying to figure out what kind of animation it is. It is not your normal 2D drawn anime.  Some people described it as a “video game trailer” (Reddit) which is actually quite accurate. There are some movements made by Shimomura that looks kind of lanky and uncoordinated.   But it all makes sense upon the introduction of the Ajin’s special skills.  I won’t spoil anything too much but I enjoyed the effect that Polygon (CG studio) used.


I enjoyed watching Ajin: Demi Human, even though it disturbed me at times.  I am not good with the theme of torture and I hate antagonists who have no other motivation but to gain money.  I wished the character development would improve in the next season.  I am also waiting for the loose ends to tie up as I have numerous questions after season 1.  I am impressed with how the dark themes are portrayed in the show and I am a fan of the animation style they used.

I rate this 7.5 out of 10. Might improve after I watch the next season, depending if they answer the questions they hint at.

ADH reminds me a lot of Psychopass and Tokyo Ghoul.  So if you like these types of anime, I say check out Ajin: Demi Human.



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