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Hands up if you’re a last minute Christmas shopper! If New Zealand were a room of 10 people and you raised your hand, two other people would have raised their hand with you. And one of them would have been me.

Yep, according to a survey done on PriceSpy‘s behalf, 28% of Kiwis admit they will be buying Christmas presents less than a week before the big day. There’s nothing like that Christmas Eve scramble in a crowded shopping mall. The anxious, busy energy fuels me.

Of course, not everyone enjoys this kind of stress, but turns out that waiting a bit (or more than a bit) might actually work in the procrastinator’s favour!

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Ah, yes, a graph made by PriceSpy to help demonstrate my point. As you can see, the closer you get to Christmas, the bigger the average price drop. With Boxing Day having either more or bigger drops than even Black Friday!

Not that I’m suggesting you should get your Christmas presents on Boxing Day. Sometimes the stress isn’t worth it. But still. If you can…

But what games are Kiwis looking for? Whether it be Christmas presents for family, or a cheeky but definitely well-deserved gift for themselves, here are PriceSpy’s predictions for this month!

The Game!Lowest Price on PriceSpy as of December 15th 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, Xbox One and PC)$89 (PS4)| $87.51 (Xbox One)| $74.34 (PC)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)$89
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4)$79
Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)$148.99
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)$89.60
This is in order from potentially most popular, to potentially fifth-most popular game

Yeah, Cyberpunk 2077 really has been the talk of the town. While I wouldn’t necessarily advise getting it on PS4 or Xbox One just yet, it does look to be a pretty amazing game on next-gen consoles and PC. But patches will come in time to make it more palatable on the now last-gen consoles.

Anyway, Christmas is this week, and we all know that sometimes you won’t be getting what you actually want. So the magnificent elves at PriceSpy are giving one person the chance to get one of these amazing games!

You can enter to win just below! Please make sure you check out the Terms and Conditions too, and I’m sorry if you don’t meet the criteria.

Get yourself (or someone else) a Christmas gift!

Now, I just want to say here that we will not be able to get your prize to you on or before Christmas Day. That’s just impossible. Please be patient with us and the delivery system when it comes to getting your game if you do win.

Good luck everyone, and happy holidays!


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