A Discovery of Witches

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I had never heard of A Discovery of Witches before watching the TV series but it is apparently based off Deborah Harkness’ ‘All Souls’ trilogy. I can never go past a vampire and witches love story though, I live for that.

The show is set around Diana (Teresa Palmer), a witch who has no interest in practicing magic and Matthew (Matthew Goode), a much older vampire. While doing research in an Oxford library, Diana discovers a manuscript that brings all kinds of magical creatures after her, including Matthew.

After he saves her life, Diana is forced to put aside her natural mistrust of the witches’ enemy and the two team up to figure out why everyone wants the manuscript and what it means.

Made in the UK by Sky, this isn’t your typical CW supernatural teen show. For starters, the show features adults and is definitely aimed at adults, so doesn’t shy away from more graphic material both violent and sexual.

It also takes itself far more seriously than your Vampire Diaries or Twilight which sometimes serves the show and other times leaves you wishing it would acknowledge the silliness.

Palmer and Goode both give great performances as the leads but Goode’s natural charisma dominates the show. He makes the perfect vampire being both charming and attractive and creepy and aloof.

Diana far too often falls into the damsel in distress category even if she has the capabilities of a great witch. It’s not uncommon for supernatural shows to make their leading ladies Mary-Sue’s, but it is always disappointing.

Overall, the show is enjoyable, if a little slow, but if you are after your typical, fun supernatural romance I’d steer clear.

– Lucy Noonan




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