Month: November 2016

The Last Guardian: The Journey Begins (Unboxing)

What makes a game great? Is it the graphics? Is it the storytelling? I can’t put my finger on it but as I’m holding the newly-released media kit for The Last Guardian, I haven’t even played the game yet and I’m thinking that this must be it. The package comes suspiciously oversized. Why does a CD need an A4 carrier bag? The answer becomes clearly evident as soon as we pull ...

No Man’s Sky Update!

Hello Games has announced the “first of many” free updates for No Man’s Sky! Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, that game. Wasn’t that a flop?” Well, no, I don’t think it was a flop, I just think it was overhyped and quite an ambitious game for a team of twelve or however little people work at the studio. It’s still a good and enjoyable game! And now, ...

Your Lie in April – Part 2

The Best of the Steam Autumn Sale

Prepare your wallets, it’s that time again! The Steam Autumn sale started yesterday and runs through until 30th November. The gimmick this time is that during the sale, you’ll be able to nominate games for the Steam Awards! There are eight unique categories such as The “Whoooaaaaaaa, dude!” Award for the game that most blows your mind, and The “Villain Most In Need Of...

Steep and For Honor!

Some of the PMG team tried out Steep and For Honor at the Ubisoft stand at Auckland Armageddon 2016! Don’t forget that the Steep open beta period is just around the corner!

Overwatch Free Weekend!

If you’ve ever looked at Overwatch and thought, “That looks like a crazy game. I want to try it,” well now you can! Because next weekend Blizzard is giving everyone a FREE WEEKEND!! WHAT! From 8am on the 19th of November (NZDT) to the 22nd, you get to download and play Overwatch for FREE! On PC, PS4 and Xbox One! You’ll have access to Quick Play, Practice, Custom and the Weekly Brawl with all 22 h...

New N7 Day Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer!

Bioware are celebrating N7 Day this year with a new Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer! Mass Effect: Andromeda will be set 600 years in the future from the end of Mass Effect 2, following a group of explorers that embark on a journey to the Andromeda galaxy seeking a new home. As the colonists are in cryostasis for the 600 year journey, they’ll likely be unaware of the events that occur in Mass ...

Armageddon Cosplay Interviews!

Courty & Courtney catch up with Jungle Lady Cosplay, Rachael Diamond, Little Monster Cosplays, Galexei Cosplays, IdotCosplay, Perfect Randomness Cosplay, Zub.Kitty Cosplay and Elizabeth’s World at Armageddon 2016!

Chatting with Sh4miya at Armageddon!

Females in e-sports…where are you? Di talks to Street Fighter V competitive gamer Sh4miya about female representation in e-sports, experiences in the gaming community and her goals as a pro-gamer in the coming year. And Zangief gets a spotlight!

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