Month: October 2016

Steep Open Beta!

Hey, you know that game we’re super pumped for? Steep! It’s set to come out on December 2nd but Ubisoft have announced that there will be an open beta weekend from November 18th to 21st! Let me just reiterate that: Instead of waiting another whole month to buy the game, you can try it out for free in a couple of weeks! If you have no idea what Steep is, it’s basically just you and the mountain. Sk...

Armageddon Expo 2016 – Crunch and Smite

Di chats with League of Legends shoutcaster Matt “Smite” Ross and pro game analyst Cameron “Crunch” Russell about many many things. What’s the future of e-sports in New Zealand? What’s their preferred play style? And, touching on the eternal war between MOBAs, what would it take for a DotA 2 player to jump ship to League of Legends?

Nintendo Switch Announced!

Nintendo’s next generation console, Switch was announced today! Nintendo seem to be carving their own niche in the market, with Switch being a hybrid home gaming and portable gaming system. It can attach to a dock for big screen gaming with a traditional controller or be detached and used on the go. It also has two removable controllers on the sides that can be used for local co-op gaming. With a ...

Yet another ‘Round Up’ of some description

Armageddon Expo is happening in Auckland this weekend so we’re letting you know about some awesome competitions we’ll have going on! Also talking the latest games to grab our interest – Dead By Daylight, Inside and Asterix & Friends. We’ve been checking out a few movies and have some awesome recommendations for you too!

Playstation VR Experience!

Playstation VR is launching in NZ October 13! We headed along to give some of the games a try! I wasn’t prepared for how putting on the headset suddenly dropped me in the passenger seat of a drive-by shootout. It was surreal. For a moment, I actually thought that I could feel the air-conditioning from the car vents and then I realized that there were just subtle things that made it that imme...

Inside: A Near-Perfect Execution

Rating: 9/10 Inside is the latest game from Playdead (Limbo) and stars another little boy thrust into a dark, dystopian world. This atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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