Month: September 2016

Blair Witch

Overcooked Gameplay!

Di checks out Overcooked and approves!

David Brent: Life on the Road

News – PS4 Pro

Last Wednesday, Sony announced the PS4 Slim as well as what was going to be the PS4 Neo. Except, now it’s called the PS4 Pro. Basically it’s better graphics: HDR and 4K. The unfortunate thing is that you need a TV that supports it. What this also means is that consoles are no longer going to be on the same playing field graphics and frame-rate-wise. Whether this is a good thing or not is totally u...

PokemonGo Trainer (female) Cosplay Tutorial!

With a convention approaching fast and no new cosplay ready to wear, I needed to make something quick, easy, and cheap. So I embarked on an adventure to make my Pokemon Go trainer’s outfit. I’ve already seen a couple of tutorials shared online, however some of the methods I’ve used are different so I’m adding this to the collective, to give potential cosplayers more options and ideas. My version i...

Cosplay Contesting Tips

By Kathy Smythe I have won, I have gotten nothing, I have entered by myself, I have entered in Duos, I have had stuff finished the month before, I have had stuff finished the night before. I have been late, I have been early, I have done skits, I have not done skitssssss and I have judged. Let my past failures and good-times help you navigate the cosplay contest process as stress free as a cat mad...

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