Month: April 2016

The Many Facets of Monaco

Saskia, Di and Jaz settle in to try out Monaco!

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic Part 2!

Courty chats with Aenthralled Cosplay and Pink Star Cosplay about their impressive outfits!

Akiba con Cosplay Picnic 2016

Saskia and Courty headed to the Akiba con Cosplay Picnic over the weekend!

Gaming Fail

When you just can’t wall jump 😛

Nonverbal Review: Batman v Superman

Nick brings us his thoughts on Batman v Superman

Let’s Play Typefighters!

Typefighters is a competitive multiplayer game where two players battle each other using their typing skills. Its variety of modes does not only emphasise typing speed and correctness, but also other skills like reaction time, sustained attention, creativity, tactics and anticipating the opponents moves. Aside from being a tool to settle arguments on who is the best on a keyboard, the game can als...

Battlefront Outer Rim DLC

The first of the four new DLCs for Battlefront has come out! For those with the season pass, you have two weeks early access to four new maps, two new heroes and a whole new game mode. Take a look at the trailer! As you can see, two new heroes join the mix! Everybody’s second-favourite bounty hunter Greedo, and Nien Nunb – that guy who flew with Lando in the Battle of Endor. You know, in Episode 6...

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