Xbox Deodorant and the line up for E3 2019

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Hello! It’s the Pretty Much Weekly! The series where we give you the latest in movies, games and occasionally TV shows. Usually it’s a combo of two of the three. Like this week, Halo is getting a TV show, Google and Netflix are at E3 this year and Lynx has turned Xbox into a scent.

Smell like Xbox

Exclusive to New Zealand and Australia, Xbox is collaborating with Lynx to put out a line of shower gels, deodorants and body sprays. LUCKY US!

It’s good to see Xbox promoting personal hygiene (God knows the boys need it), but uh, nobody told the creator of the Xbox. As with a lot of us, he’s not too sure how to take this news.

Halo TV Show to be Game of Thrones-esque

Xbox’s most famous title is getting a TV show, one in which Pablo Schreiber from Orange is the New Black is cast as Master Chief. Apparently the writers are inspired by Game of Thrones “in terms of scope and scale and complexity of relationships.”

However, 343 Industries transmedia boss with the most awesomest name, Kiki Wolfkill (is that even her real name?!), has said that there is “no incest planned for the show.” Personally, I’m glad.

Tamagotchi is making a comeback!

Ah, the humble Tamagotchi. Whenever I hear that word, many childhood memories of fun, friendship, love and trauma flood into my mind. It’s definitely not as traumatic as Kirbys were, but to open up my Tamagotchi after I had forgotten it and seeing it wallowing in its own filth was a huge “WHAT HAVE I DONE” slap in the face.

But Bandai are releasing a new and improved version called the Tamagotchi On. Not only is it now in colour, but your Tamagotchi can do more than eat, sleep, and poo. It can travel, shop, marry and make babies!

It does come with a hefty price tag though, estimated at $60USD which would see us in New Zealand putting just under a hundred dollars towards your digital cutie.

E3 is just around the corner

Okay, E3 is super, super close and I’m just here to tell you when you have to get leave and when you have to set your alarm to watch the conferences. I personally, did not wake up at 4am this morning for Google Stadia’s conference, but we will eventually post an article about what on Earth they and most other conferences showed. Click on the little (x) to check them out!

All of this will be streamed live on Twitch’s own Twitch page!

All times below are New Zealand times.

June 9th
4:15am – EA Play live stream (x)
From 6am – Nintendo tournaments

June 10th
8am – Microsoft Press Conference
12:30pm – Bethesda Press Conference
2pm – Devolver Press Conference

June 11th
5am – PC Gaming Show
7am – Limited Run Games Press Conference
8am – Ubisoft Press Conference
11:30am – Kinda Funny Showcase
1pm – Square Enix Press Conference

June 12th
4am – Nintendo Direct Showcase

On the 13th of June at 7am, Netflix will be hosting their panel about their future in games during the E3 Coliseum. I’m not entirely sure if this will be streamed, but if it is, you should be able to find it all on Twitch!


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