The Spy Who Dumped Me

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Ahhh McKinnon, you’ve done it again. Yes, that was a weak re-purposing of the McCain commercial catch-phrase. “What’s that?” you ask? Please don’t embarrass us both with that question.

I went into The Spy Who Dumped Me with fairly low expectations. I knew I’d at least enjoy it in a mindless popcorn flick kinda way…but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it quite so much! I haven’t had much previous experience of Kate McKinnon (except for Ghostbusters – which she was fantastic in), so her being in it wasn’t a selling-point for me. So if you’re already sold on the fact that she’s in The Spy Who Dumped Me, and that’s why you’re excited to go…you will undoubtedly love it. She seriously makes the movie the success that it is.

The Spy Who Dumped Me follows Audrey (Mila Kunis), recovering from a brutal breakup with Drew (Justin Theroux), and her best friend Morgan (McKinnon) as they become caught up in an international conspiracy. When Agent Sebastian (Sam Heughan) and Duffer (Hasan Minhaj) kidnap Audrey and reveal that Drew is a CIA agent in possession of something that could risk many lives, Audrey and Morgan end up on the run, unable to rely on anyone but themselves to get the job done and survive.

I think I loved all of the characters in some way. None of them seemed majorly over-done or out of place. From the very annoying Agent Duffer (Minhaj), to the totally cool and unflappable CIA boss, Wendy (Gillian Anderson), each new character added to the fun and excitement in their own way and forced our leads to exercise a few more acting muscles. Justin Theroux was pretty decent as the spy who dumped her, my only complaint is very superficial – and that is that he looked a little too old to be matched with Mila Kunis’ ever-youthful face. Many of you will have been hanging out to see Sam Heughan taking on a new challenge after the success of Outlander. His character doesn’t stand out when sharing the screen with personalities like Kate McKinnon, but there is definitely still that underlying magnetism that makes him a pretty alluring actor. His performance as Sebastian has definitely inspired me to finish the Outlander series, purely to see more of him. I MEAN HIS ACTING GUYS. SHEESH.

Mila Kunis gives a solid performance as our lead, Audrey. The role isn’t anything especially different or challenging for Kunis, though, she had the whole clueless comedy character thing down years ago! Kate McKinnon is, as I already have alluded to, the star of the show. You can never predict anything her character, Morgan, might do next and it’s all amazingly hilarious. She’s not just a quirky oddball, she brings real depth and rawness to the character. She actually had one of the most touching scenes in the whole movie (yes I teared up) and definitely the most satisfying character development and achievements.

I found the comedy surprisingly good. There were very few jokes that fell flat for me (at least two that I can remember), and there were plenty of laugh out loud moments that no one in the cinema managed to escape! The action was also excellent and included an unexpected amount of violence and gore – which somehow only added to the hilarity (how desensitized am I!?) The romance aspects of the film are probably its weakest points – this is definitely not a ‘rom com’.

This is all about best friends kicking butt, breaking out of their comfort-zones and shaking off the restrictions imposed on them by others. Don’t let the failing to drive a manual car scene in the trailer put you off too much (to be honest, that scene is a pretty accurate depiction of my only attempt at driving a manual) – The Spy Who Dumped Me is jam-packed full of girl power, baby! <— This sentence is not an accurate representation of how I would normally talk. I felt a little uncomfortable typing it, but it feels right in the context. Please forgive me, friends and family.

Basically, you need to grab your bestie and head to the cinema to see this one ASAP! Then you can sit there giggling and going “That is SO US” as Mila Kunis kills a guy. #BestFriendsWhoKillTogetherStayTogether




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